Pets of Bidtellect

A homage to the fluffy beings that bring so much happiness to our Bidtellectuals.


Breed: Golden Retriever
Favorite Toy: Mr. Tennis Ball!
Loves: Fetch on the beach and being spoiled with specialised treats from private label dog treat manufacturers.
Age: 2


Breed: Pitbull/Mastiff Mix Favorite
Favorite Toy: Blanky and Rope toy
Loves: Pizza, Sleeping, the Snow and Cuddling
Age: 8


Breed: Golden Doodle Favorite
Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
Loves: Going on walks to the park with the family
Age: 10


Breed: Vizsla
Favorite Toy: Pink Platypus
Loves: Being tucked in
Age: 4 Years


Breed: Cavapoo
Favorite Toy: Tug-a-War Chord
Loves: Lying down on the grass or something similar to tough dog beds with a family member
Age: 2


Breed: Great Dane
Favorite Toy: Anything the crinkles or squeaks
Loves: Snuggling, hot dogs and ear rubs
Age: 5


Breed: Shitzu
Favorite Toy: Frog squeaky toy
Loves: To chase geckos
Age: 6


Breed: Havanese
Favorite Toy: Bunny squeaky toy
Loves: Running laps around the house
Age: 3


Breed: Havanese
Favorite Toy: Her blanket
Loves: To snack on ice and back rubs
Age: 3


Breed: Champagne Parti Cocker Spaniel
Favorite Toy: Balls, all the balls
Loves: Going for car rides and playing fetch
Age: 3


Breed: House Panther
Favorite Toy: Sparkle balls
Loves: Chasing any bugs that dare enter our house
Age: 3


Breed: Tuxedo
Favorite Toy: Catnip Pillow
Loves: Belly rubs, staring out of windows and naps
Age: 3


Breed: Beagle/Cocker Spaniel
Favorite Toy: A little rope
Loves: Eating anything but dog food and naps
Age: 15

Maddox and Lincoln

Breed: Lab/Great Pyrenees, Lab/Golden Retriever
Favorite Toy: Any type of bone
Love: They both love to swim!
Age: 3 and 1


Breed: Puggle
Favorite Toy: Mommy’s Underwear
Loves: TO EAT!
Age: 10


Breed: English Cream Golden Retriever
Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
Loves: Puppachinos, booty scratches and his mom
Age: 3

Ruby “Rubita Coshita Bonita”

Breed: Morkie
Favorite Toy: Corners of pillows
Loves: Cat food and Law & Order SVU
Age: 1


Breed: Street cat
Favorite Toy: Minnie Mouse
Loves: Having her face rubbed
Age: 3


Breed: Australian Sheppard/Husky Mix
Favorite Toy: Tug Rope
Loves: Hiding under towels and coming into the office to see Helgi
Age: 2

Haxamillion Hands McCatterton

Breed: Hemingway Maine Coon
Favorite Toy: Black hair ties
Loves: Beating up the dog and catching hair ties in the air like an NFL receiver
Age: 8


Breed: Bull Terrier
Favorite Toy: Bed
Loves: Sleep
Age: 10


Breed: Terrier Mix
Favorite Toy: The one at the bottom of the toy bin
Loves: Butt scrubs
Age: 10


Breed: Chihuahua
Favorite Toy: Any that crinkle
Loves: Sun Bathing
Age: 9


Breed: Maltese/Chihuahua
Favorite Toy: Human ear drums
Loves: Chasing Boats
Age: 9


Breed: Maltipoo
Favorite Toy: “Lamby” her plush Lamb Chop
Loves: Peanut butter and watching reality tv shows with mom
Age: 2


Breed: Siberian Husky
Favorite Toy: Rope toy
Loves: Howling and digging holes in the sand
Age: 3


Breed: American Greyhound
Favorite Toy: Not a big fan of toys
Loves: Noshing on a rawhide and jumping around like a spaz
Age: 11


Breed: Street kitten
Favorite Toy: Her tail
Loves: Beating up her brothers and watching “Real Housewives” of every locale
Age: 4 months


Breed: Fierce Tiger
Favorite Toy: Lizards (live ones)
Loves: Pushing his head into yours, purring loudly, eating lettuce and snuggling with his mom
Age: 5

Stanley “Stan”

Breed: Panther
Favorite Toy: Anything that moves & his little sister
Loves: Running between your legs and eating lunch meat
Age: 2


Breed: Russian Blue
Favorite Toy: Hair ties, twisty tied from bread loafs, the blinds and crumbled up paper
Loves: Tuna, waking you up at 4am and sitting in front of the TV so the remote doesn’t work
Age: 6


Breed: Dalmation/American Bulldog Mix
Favorite Toy: Mr. Chicken
Loves: Playing outside
Age: 3


Breed: American Guinea Pig
Favorite Toy: Hidey Hut
Loves: Bubble baths and celery
Age: 3


Breed: Attack Cat
Favorite Toy: Guests
Loves: The smell of fear from guests as she approaches
Age: 9


Breed: Stubborn Cat
Favorite Toy: Catnip rat
Loves: Hunting lizards and whining
Age: 7


Breed: Kitty Cat
Favorite Toy: Yarn
Loves: Long baths (bathtubs it is!)
Age: 4

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