Scott Wolf is a proven pivotal player who has enabled multiple media companies to achieve market leadership and growth. During his tenure at CMP Media, Scott established himself with a company wide, record-setting $10 million in career sales.  As VP/Group Publisher, Wolf launched and managed CMP’s paid circulation division (managing magazines such as Window, Home Pc and NetGuide) growing them into a $100 million division with 1.8 million paid readers in under five years.

Wolf crossed over to digital in 1999, serving as Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Net Creations. In under two years, Scott tripled sales to more than $60 million in revenue while growing the user database from 6 million to 30 million. Universals Music’s Internet Division, Vivendi ( and was experiencing declining sales figures and quickly sought out Wolf who immediately resurged the entire salesforce into the powerhouse they are today.

Wolf was appointed Chief Revenue officer of Everyday Health in 2005.  During his tenure, Wolf developed, implemented and managed sales and business strategies to drive double-digit advertising and sponsorship revenue each year.  Under Scott’s leadership, sales grew from $2M to an astounding $200M. And by 2014, Wolf was a key player in taking the company public.

Bidtellect, the native advertising frontrunner and brain child of’s John Ferber, was eager to procure Scott’s sales prowess for their burgeoning company and in November of 2015, Scott was appointed as the Chief Revenue Officer and continues to lead with record breaking revenue and growth opportunities.

Mr. Wolf earned his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and received his B.A. in psychology from University of Pennsylvania.