We’re Going to Be Living in a Privacy First World.

You Need a Platform that’s Already There.

It started with GDPR. CCPA soon followed. Then Apple released its new Intelligent Tracking Prevention (IPT) in Safari placing restrictions on cookies. And most recently, Google made headlines when it announced it was doing away with third-party cookies altogether. 

Consumers are getting greater control and transparency into how their data is used. 

This. Is. Huge.

Since GDPR became enforceable, the number of third-party cookies used per webpage declined from about 80 in April to about 60 in July, and the number of third-party cookies found on news websites (major advertising publishers) in Europe declined by 22%.

But this doesn’t mean the end is in sight for real-time bidding (RTB) and all of programmatic. 

It does mean this is the beginning of a new era in digital advertising.

Enter Contextual Targeting

You can use contextual targeting to determine the value of the user and placement in the bidding process based on the information on the page, rather than the user. Understanding that we have enough information about ad space without user information means we can face the (more private) future of the industry with far less fear.

Not only are data protection standards changing, so are brands’ and clients’ unique goals. Contextual targeting – that is, targeting based on the information available of the site of the ad space, rather than user data – covers both. It’s possible to determine a unique ad space’s location, the time of day, day of the week, the size and location of the ad on the page, the site it’s on, the page of the site it’s on, and even specifics about what content is on that page. The look and feel of every single ad placement is unique, and can be correlated even more closely with user behavior.

Bidtellect understood the value of contextual targeting long before it became trendy. It’s a key component of our platform. Our context-driven optimization capabilities combined with post-click engagement measurement, creative services, unapparelled scale in consumer-friendly ad environments were all developed to drive performance for advertisers – without the reliance of traditional cookie-based advertising approaches. 

The result? We deliver advertising intending to provide value to the end consumer. Not annoy them.

You want safety? So do we.

Bidtellect uses the most sophisticated technology and activates in-depth manual processes to ensure fraud protection and brand safety for advertisers. Bidtellect is TAG Verified and Ads.txt Compliant via IAB. Bidtellect’s Brand Safety targeting solution is powered by ADmantX. 

You can read more about Bidtellect’s brand safety and fraud protection here.

You want to deliver ads safely. You want to provide value to your consumers. You want results.


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