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Reach more engaged users with Bidtellect’s new CTV/OTT Solution

CTV/OTT advertising is the latest addition to the Bidtellect toolkit.

Seamlessly incorporate CTV/OTT into your media buying strategy with Bidtellect. With Bidtellect’s CTV/OTT solution, brands will be able to connect with audiences where they are already consuming content and expand their reach beyond linear TV.


CTV is an internet-connected device a customer uses to watch TV/video content online.


OTT is the delivery mechanism for TV/video content online, usually through streaming or video on demand (VOD) in addition to, or “over the top of,” traditional network providers.

Reach more engaged users with Bidtellect’s new CTV/OTT Solution

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Did you know?



33% of the US population is projected to watch CTV content in 2022.


CTV ad revenues are projected to increase 33.1% in 2022, to $18.89 billion.

There will be more than 55 million cord-cutters by 2022

There are more than 340 million subscribers for over-the-top (OTT) services

Why CTV/OTT With Bidtellect

Bidtellect’s new CTV/OTT solution will connect brands with audiences where they are already consuming content and expands brands’ reach beyond linear TV.

Access CTV/OTT Advertising Directly Through Bidtellect’s DSP

Clients will be able to activate CTV/OTT directly through Bidtellect’s DSP, with the ability to optimize and target premium content categories across multiple goals and bid types. Bidtellect’s capabilities like budget fluidity, pacing, bid shading, creative flighting and more for maximum campaign ROI.

  • Streamline the planning, trading and execution with Bidtellect’s world-class support.
  • Power of Context: leverage Bidtellect’s industry-leading context-driven technology and metadata coverage across the entire supply ecosystem.
  • Access to the largest CTV/OTT enabled SSPs and premium publishers.
  • Users will be able to leverage Bidtellect’s unique and unmatched performance bidding and optimization technology to seamlessly incorporate
  • CTV/OTT into their media buying strategy.

Why Us?

The ad-tech environment is segmented and exclusive. As a leader in your company, you don’t have time to manage ads across multiple platforms while also monitoring each one for brand safety, reputation, and transparency.


We do it all.

We bring our industry expertise into one platform. And while context is a hot topic in the industry now due to the fast-approaching cookieless future, Bidtellect has been using contextual technology since our founding seven years ago.


The Bidtellect Checklist:

Customer Service

Work with your own dedicated team – from sales reps to account managers to analysts – to build a strategy, report on goals and adjust your strategy to reach those goals.


Define consumers as enthusiasts based on how often they read certain types of content and build proprietary audiences to reach them.


Create images, copy and assets that perform using our In-House Creative Agency – something that’s included for all our full-service clients.


Run campaigns across platforms and media budgets resulting in a much smoother process than working with individual outlets.

Brand Safety

Use our DSP to ensure your inventory and scale is safe while giving you the tools you need to control where your ads appear before a campaign runs.

Bidtellet is a programmatic platform that delivers ads that work – without risking brand safety or privacy.