Leading Native Programmatic Technology to Distribute Content at Scale.

The Bidtellect Ecosystem

Bidtellect’s expansive ecosystem enables advertisers to reach all existing and potential consumers in optimal moments, on premium inventory and in safe environments.

5 Billion

Transactions per day

14 Million

Distinctly Targetable Placements

200 Million

US Users

1 Million

Optimization Decisions per Second


Built Specifically for Native.

Develop the smartest content strategy beginning with development through to optimization.

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The Promise


Create and develop content, leverage existing content, organize assets for deployment.


Set campaign objectives, identify target audiences, select formats, and inventory, distribute in safe environments and continuously optimize.


Generate learnings from the campaign, analyze data and derive actional insights for optimization.

Buying Made Simple

We make buying simple for advertisers with an option to buy managed service, self-service or start off with a hybrid model. No matter what you choose, you enjoy the same unique benefits.


Integrated with the top supply sources to provide consolidated Native buying from all inventory, formats and targeting tactics in one place.


Optimization developed specifically for Content Distribution and Native Advertising and is not an extension of Display media tactics.

Customer Service

Work with our team for training, help with account set-up, planning & forecasting and support with campaign management strategy.

Ease of Use

The Bidtellect platform is extremely straightforward and intuitive to navigate. It offers detailed reporting and insights and extensive targeting options.

Creative Services

[b]+studio has a deep understanding of best-performing images and copy and can help create custom Native assets.



Brand Safety

The most sophisticated technology and activates in-depth manual processes to ensure fraud protection and brand safety for advertisers.


Support for multiple Native ad units (including 3 distinct video units), all devices and 1st and 3rd party data integrations for precise targeting, measurement and insights.

Engagement Score

A proprietary post-click metric that measures the success and engagement of your Native Advertising and Content Marketing.

Smart Advertising

Optimize Your Content

In its fourth generation, Bidtellect’s optimization technology leverages artificial intelligence, predictive modeling and big data to drive the best results. Our technology stems from the most advanced desktop optimization algorithms from Advertising.com. We applied this sophistication to content distribution to take Native to the next level.

"Bidtellect's technology provides a unique Native platform that allows us to scale and learn from multiple ad formats and devices. We rely on their consistent performance for our clients due to their ability to scale and optimize to our KPI by content, ad format, and device type.”


Contact Us

    About Bidtellect

    Bidtellect is the leading paid content distribution platform providing marketers with one platform to execute Native campaigns across all formats and devices including text, imagery and video. Marketers leverage Bidtellect’s proprietary real-time optimization algorithms, first- and third- party data targeting, advanced KPI optimization and a team of industry experts, to drive real results for paid content distribution campaigns to deliver smart advertising. Bidtellect delivers access to the world’s most expansive Native ecosystem of premium placements in order to achieve unparalleled scale.

    The company is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and was launched in 2013 by the digital media industry’s most successful ad tech pioneers.