Financial Services Client Leverages Bidtellect Through the Purchase Funnel for Checking & Savings Campaign

A major financial services partner leveraged Bidtellect’s platform capabilities for native display and video needs, tracking CPA, CTR, and VCR goals. Bidtellect surpassed all goals and saw a total of 393 conversions to the confirmation page of checking and savings accounts openings – completing the purchase funnel.


  1. CTR .25%
  2. VCR 72%
  3. CPA <$60


Given the current global situation (coronavirus), Bidtellect was only able to run 1 of the 4 videos.


Bidtellect’s performance team made constant adjustments throughout the campaign to optimize performance: lessened spend on Sundays given its higher CPA than all other days of the week, made numerous placement blocks across all campaigns based on no conversions, low CTRs, & low VCRs (depending on tactic), and shifted some of the budget out of the consideration keyword campaign into the consideration behavioral campaign.


Bidtellect completed the campaign with an impressive .55% CTR and had the majority of scale driving over 2.5K clicks to the landing page. Bidtellect completed the Video Awareness campaign 18% above goal with a 90% VCR and a $0.02 Cost per Completed View. In addition, Bidtellect saw a total of 393 conversions from the confirmation page using the conversion placement only, 142 of which were new clients. Client conversions came from various checking and saving account opening options.