Bidtellect Case Study: Retail Chain Beats CTR Goal 2x with High Impact Units

A leading regional supermarket chain felt their SSP partner falling short when it came to scale and performance. Bidtellect maximized high impact creative units and vast SSP ecosystem to scale and surpass performance goals – building an exclusive Native partnership.


The Company was seeing only satisfactory results running their high impact creative units with a single SSP; it fell short when it came to scaling across their targeted geographic area, and they were underwhelmed when it came to customer service and reporting.

Previous SSP Partner High Impact CTR: 0.45%


The Company shifted budget to Bidtellect for one quarter test. The team tested a variety of high impact units to run across Bidtellect’s vast ecosystem of SSPs and maximized reporting capabilities to adjust accordingly. Bidtellect found the highest success with Scroller units.


The campaign outperformed the previous partner and nearly doubled their previous CTR. This led to an immediate renewal and increased budget for the next quarter, and Bidtellect has since been their exclusive Native partner over the past year.


Bidtellect High Impact CTR