Bidtellect Case Study: Specialty Retail Chain Tests New Display Offering With Bidtellect, Increases ROAS by 40%


A leading home goods retail brand, who previously partnered with Bidtellect for native activation, sought to expand on the success of their native campaign by testing Bidtellect’s context-optimized Display Banner units. The goal was to drive purchases on-site and deliver a positive ROAS of 15%.

  • 15% ROAS


Bidtellect helped create a contextually-targeted plan to align the Display Units with relevant shopping, home, beauty, and women’s lifestyle content. The client also leveraged Bidtellect’s context-driven optimization algorithm, which evaluates the best-performing sites, keywords, and contextual environments in real time to engage with consumers at peak moments of intent – and drive purchases.

Why Run Display with Bidtellect?

As a trusted Native partner, we continue to prove our success for brands through the marketing funnel thanks to our cookieless bidding and optimization signals. Bidtellect is excited to apply its smart optimization solutions and context-first strategy to Traditional Display to meet brands’ performance needs.


Bidtellect’s context-optimized display solutions surpassed the ROAS goals by over 2.6x, delivering a positive ROAS of over 40%. Since the test, the retail brand has incorporated Bidtellect’s unique suite of context-driven display products into their always-on ROAS campaigns. 

40% ROAS