Global Beauty Retailer Partners with Bidtellect to Grow and Retain Customer Base


Bidtellect was thrilled to partner with a global leader in makeup and beauty. Operating in 32 countries worldwide, the company has earned the reputation as the beauty trailblazer with cutting-edge expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Integral to their success is a focus on customer growth and retention. With this in mind, they partnered with Bidtellect to drive online sales and loyalty program sign-ups, retain its large customer base, and refresh its creative assets preserving its unique content identity while maximizing engagement.


Grow Customer Base:

  • To drive purchases and loyalty program sign-ups, we ran on all products and all devices to maximize our reach.
  • We leveraged contextual targeting of both Style & Fashion and Fitness audiences as well as Whitelist targeting.
  • Our platform targeted users who were not part of their loyalty program with discount codes to encourage users to sign up.

Retain Existing Customers:

Bidtellect ran CRM targeting off of their 1st party data to advertise one of their annual sales. We showed each membership tier a different creative with discount codes, driving them back to the site to purchase again.

Creative Analysis and Optimization:

We adapted existing social media campaign assets to Native Ad units. Our creative services team, [b]+studio, made regular creative rotations to promote various product launches and seasonal products. Bidtellect leveraged trending creative formats such as video and gifs to catch the user’s attention and drive quality site traffic, and optimized towards metrics such as CTR and site engagement.


Key to the success was maximum reach, contextual targeting, and creative analysis and optimization.In the first half of the year in the US and Canada we drove:

The best result: Bidtellect exceeded all performance goals



Loyalty Program Sign Ups