How A Leading CPG Company Leveraged Bidtellect’s Platform to Drive Brand Awareness


This was a unique campaign because the brand was seeking both high CTRs and high Engagement Scores (bounce rate, time on site, page views and user sessions), which can be challenging because these two KPIs are often times negatively correlated.


Bidtellect and the client collaborated to plan and deliver a 3 month long awareness campaign focused on driving high CTRs and low eCPCs and eCPMs. The campaign targeted all products on all devices to drive maximum brand awareness through the Bidtellect platform. The client was able to place all pixels, helping measure granular performance and allow for the most efficient real-time optimizations.


Bidtellect’s account team developed and executed a twofold, targeted strategy to achieve these goals. First, they optimized towards the supply sources that have high CTRs as well as high Engagement Scores, and also those blending high CTR/low ES sites with high ES/low CTR sites to perform towards both KPIs. In addition, through real-time optimization the team was able to identify the creatives and content that delivered the best results across devices and sites, ultimately helping the campaign outperform Bidtellect’s benchmarks for both KPIs.

Bidtellect’s technology provides a unique Native platform that allows us to scale and learn from multiple ad formats and devices. We rely on their consistent performance for our clients due to their ability to scale and optimize to our KPI by content, ad format, and device type.



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