How a Leading Insurance Company Used Targeted Content to Reach Consumers Across Multiple Regions



Drive qualified traffic to the client website to initiate engagement on site, resonate with the users, and increase brand awareness around various financial services and offerings for specified geography branches. This campaign ran for over a year.

This campaign was measured on 2 KPIs:

  1. Click-through-rate (CTR) KPI per geo market and
  2. monitoring of site engagement, which allowed for creative content and landing page cross-comparison.


  • Geo: AZ, IA, KS, MN, NE, NM, SD, UT
  • Contextual Audience: Families, Finance, Tech, Consumers interested in increasing insurance knowledge and financial resources


Bidtellect’s client services team paired unique Native creative units with each specific article landing pages to help generate awareness around multiple product offerings (life insurance calculator, sign ups, consulting, insurance tips, quote info, agent consultation, etc.) This allows the user to be exposed to the clients’ vast amount of offerings and expertise via editorial hosted content, as well as initiate site engagement.

This campaign used unique creative units per each piece of editorial content landing page in order to create the best user experience. The creative followed the Native best practices, for example: listicles, how-to (offer to educate), compelling headlines, bright, colorful, eye catching imagery and a call-to-action (in description).


Performing above .23% benchmarks, averaging a .29% CTR month over month.



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