How A Major Tech Company Leveraged the Power of Content Distribution on One Platform


This tech company offers an extensive and diverse portfolio ranging from Computer and Information Systems to Security and Services, but spreading awareness of these expanded offerings was challenging, especially to prospective key decision makers often siloed in small IT departments. We sought to provide educative resources on the comprehensive possibilities for our client and how its offerings could lead to growth. The newly-created Content Hub creates the “Binge” environment the team was looking for, as well as shifts engaged consumers lower down the funnel to increase sales. The Content Hub also provides tremendous audience insights the team is using cross-channel and with future campaigns.


Drive shift in perception from a hardware vendor to a strategic technology partner that medium-sized businesses can depend on for efficient solutions to meet their business goals.


Curating engaging content to reach and retain the attention of the often-siloed ITDMs (Information Technology Decision Maker). Reeducation of the company’s technology solutions and offerings, including its three unique portfolios, computer and information systems, security, and services. Efficient execution of objectives.


Bidtellect was able to understand which pieces of content engaged with specific audiences the most and create a retargeting strategy based on the most popular content that previously-engaged users may have missed, including new content reserved to those users.


Average time on site is 1 minute 18 seconds. The average user scrolls through over 50% of the total content while consuming over 3 hours of content. Bidtellect was able to provide insights on: audience, dayparting, creative, sub-pages and/or content that engaged the consumer most to help direct the content experience towards further, more successful iterations.


of the Total Content

I’m super excited about the developments we’re seeing on The Hub. The design is so user-friendly and we are very happy with the bounce rates – lowest we have seen – as well as the engagement rates. Other LOBs are so interested in what we are doing here that they also would like to do and/or be a part of this innovative media strategy.”