MDW is fast approaching. The kickoff to summer is filled with travel, friends and family gatherings, and plenty of opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers with hosting, food, and lifestyle inspiration to boost sales.

Weekend Travel? Yes

This year, renewed confidence in travel combined with eagerness to see family and friends mean MDW is likely to be a big travel weekend to domestic and local locations. Huge numbers travel on the weekend itself, and more than half of Americans are planning a trip this Spring/Summer. Family and friends are the main reason for travel.

37.1 Million

 Last year, 37.1 million people traveled at least 50 miles from their homes on MDW (eMarketer, 2021).


56% of Americans are planning a trip this spring/summer. (Vacasa, February 2022)


Family and friend events were the activities most likely to encourage a trip in 2022 (45% and 32%, respectively). (Vacasa, February 2022)


This year the likelihood of spring travel is even higher for hybrid workers (86%) and millennials (75%). (Vacasa, February 2022)

Domestic Travel & Staycations

Will Be Most Popular


Domestic Travel

75% of American travelers are planning a domestic trip this spring/summer (Vacasa, February 2022)


Last year the most common form of MDW travel was via automobile (eMarketer, 2021).


23% of American travelers are springing for a staycation this spring/summer (Vacasa, February 2022)
Work with Bidtellect’s [b]+studio to create messaging around trip inspiration, especially domestic travel and local outing ideas.
Domestic tourist brands, states, and cities should use this time to increase meaningful spend and scale to reach consumers seeking travel inspiration or deciding whether to travel or not.
Cater messaging towards hybrid workers: easy destinations to work remotely, high-speed WIFI, etc.

What This Means

Lean on video and high-impact creative units for their eye-catching quality and guaranteed boost in engagement.
Offer promotions like booking discounts and longer trip deals. Ads with promotions are consistently top performing, according to [b]+studio.
Utilize Bidtellect’s context demographics targeting capability, which leverages general domain analytics to target websites with preferred gender and age demographics; in this case: millennials who are most likely to travel.

Celebrating at Home:
CPG, QSR & Lifestyle Brands

Consumer packaged goods (CPG), Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and other food and lifestyle brands can expect an increase in spend in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, even if party sizes are still a bit smaller. Make the most out of your creative assets with promotions, targeting and optimization, and by leaning on [b]+studio.

Snack Choices: Chips & Snack Mixes!

Food: Classic Hotdogs vs. Hamburgers


Serve potato chips


Serve tortilla chips


Serve snack mixes (SF&WB, 2021)


Surveyed Americans
serve hamburgers


Serve hotdogs
(SF&WB, 2021)

Party Size: Last year, Memorial Day parties were small: 40% of MDW parties had less than 10 guests, while 30% had 10-19. Expect a modest jump in party size this year. (SF&WB, 2021)




Brand Messaging & Goals

Work with Bidtellect’s [b]+studio to create eye-catching messaging around easy snacks, dishes, hosting, outdoor barbeque, table setting inspiration, and more.

Reporting, Adjustments, & Retargeting

QSR brands can offer promotions for take-out and delivery to make at-home hosting easier and less stressful for consumers.

Bid Factoring & Context-Driven Optimizations

Reach consumers already researching MDW, travel, at-home parties, or any topic of your choosing with context-driven targeting and optimization.

Top Tier Audiences & Cookieless Targeting

Utilize Bidtellect’s proprietary audiences, which use natural language processing technology and a semantic understanding of the context at the page level to build custom audiences that show an explicit interest in the category of your choosing.

Reach out to work with us on your Memorial Day Weekend strategy.

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