Happy Mother’s Day

Reach Gift-Givers & Travelers with Bidtellect

Moms shouldered heavier caregiving responsibilities these past two years (hello Zoom school!), so spouses and children will celebrate big or spend more to show extra appreciation to mother figures of all kinds.

What You Can Do

Solidify your brand message with Bidtellect’s performance team and creative experts, [b]+studio
Reach consumers already researching the topic of Mother’s Day or simply browsing for inspiration with cookieless context-driven targeting and optimization.
Maximize Bidtellect’s proprietary audiences, which use natural language processing technology and a semantic understanding of the context at the page level to build custom audiences that show an explicit interest in the category of your choosing.

Who Is Spending?

Highest Spenders: Age 25-35

Age 25-34 are the highest spenders, probably because they’re more likely to spend on both a mother figure and a partner. Last year, these shoppers spent an average of $367.08 (NRF, 2021).


Bidtellect’s bid factoring and context-driven optimization will automatically optimize to best performing placements and bid accordingly – maximizing performance and saving you money where it counts. Mom would be proud.

New Top Gifts & Inspiration

Most Popular Gifts

  • Greeting Cards

  • Flowers

  • Special Outing

Recent trends include at-home delivery services and consumer electronics, which make life at home and virtual check ins easier on everyone. So don’t discount some creative spending habits that you can help inspire through creative messaging.

What You Can Do

Work with [b]+studio to create custom creative assets and messaging to inspire consumers with gift-giving ideas.

Leverage sequential retargeting, an advanced targeting strategy that ushers users down the funnel with a second, complementary brand message and stronger CTA.

Count on More Travel

What You Can Do

This year, renewed confidence in travel combined with eagerness to see family and friends mean travel during the Mother’s Day weekend and through Spring is a given.

Family and friend events were the activities most likely to encourage a trip in 2022 (45% and 32%, respectively).

(Vacasa, February 2022)

Offer creative inspiration for easy trips, activities to do together outside, and other ways to celebrate Mom.
Bidtellect’s context-driven optimization will optimize down to the placement level of the page to place ads next to relevant information – meaning you can reach consumers researching travel and Mother’s Day.
Cater Mother’s Day travel messaging to hybrid workers and millennials
Plus, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) means your creatives will adjust dynamically and automatically to the best-performing combination.

Bidtellect Platform Trends: Mother’s Day 2021

Highest Spend by Advertisers

Highest Engagement Score

Highest CTR

1. Mobile
2. Desktop
3. Tablet
1. Native Display
2. Native Video
3. Banner Display
1. Desktop
2. Mobile
3. Tablet
1. Banner Display
2. Native Display
3. Native Video
1. Mobile
2. Tablet
3. Desktop
1. Native Display
2. Banner Display
3. Native Video

It’s interesting to note that Mobile had the highest spend and subsequently CTR, but Desktop had the highest Engagement Score — a unique combination of measurement factors — indicating more meaningful engagement. Your Bidtellect performance team can guide you to the best strategy to reach your goals.

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