Bidtellect 2H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect’s Native Report was created to provide advertisers with important
insights and trends in the digital advertising industry – specifically,
Native Advertising.

Download below. 

The platform trends and data in this report undoubtedly reflect shifting habits in reaction to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020.

Key Takeaways

Dynamic goal setting still brought in the highest revenue for advertisers thanks to Bidtellect’s optimization engine. Video usage continues to climb, and consumers consistently prefer recommended content that blends in with the environment. Consumers still used their phones and tablets during lockdown, but they spent more time with content on Desktops than the first half of the year. Travel and Personal Finance saw promising rebounds, indicating hope for the future.


Goal Setting

Dynamic Goal Setting Leads to Max ROI

Device Engagement

Longer Engagement on Desktop, Higher Click-Throughs on Mobile and Tablet

Ad Types

Relevant Recommendation Widget Ad Type Sees Highest Engagement

Download Bidtellect’s 2H2020 Native Report