Native Delivers New Avenue For Conversions & Brand Awareness

How a Leading Canadian Bank Sought Awareness and Account Sign Ups – and Surpassed Their Goal Big Time


This major Canadian Bank required an effective solution to generate awareness and account sign ups for both their Checking and Savings line of business. Bidtellect’s impressive reach and scale coupled with optimization towards the goal of the campaign proved the right recipe for success.


Bidtellect’s Native Advertising Solutions contextually and behaviorally reached the clients desired audience in National Canada. Not only was Bidtellect able to serve across the three main devices of Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet, but Bidtellect was able to reach the audience in both English and French languages. In addition, implementing Bidtellect’s unique proprietary Engagement Code allowed for a more in-depth analysis of the audiences’ post-click engagement.

  • Contextually target the audience across Business, Personal Finance, News, Family, and Lifestyle sites.
  • Capability to target based on behavioral audiences such as the “Day to Day Young Urbanites”, “Upwardly Mobile Young Urbanites”, and “Young Startups”.
  • Reach the targeted audiences across their devices based on language targeting, both in English and French.
  • Leveraged Bidtellect’s proprietary Engagement Code to understand Avg. Time on Site, Sessions, and Bounce Rate; while maximizing optimizations towards higher engagements.


Bidtellect exceeded the goal for this client, earning an eCPA 24% less than the KPI goal of $170 eCPA via the account sign ups. The Engagement Code placed on this campaign averaged a whopping 8.5 out of 10!


  • Best LOB performance: Checking No Fee
  • Targeting: Contextual targeting accounted 96% of conversions
  • Audience Targeting: Young Startups
  • Devices: Desktop garnered 86% of all conversions
  • Native Product: In –Ad delivered average time on site of 3 mins 53 seconds