Native Delivers New Avenue for Conversions

How a leading Canadian multinational insurance and financial services company sought conversion, acquisition, and mass awareness through a new Native avenue – and won big time.


A leading Canadian multinational insurance and financial services company sought a new avenue for conversions: Native. Their goals were to drive acquisition with Native assets and gain mass awareness. After optimizing to highest-engaging sites and best-performing creative throughout the campaign, they increased their budget. The month-and-a-half long campaign resulted 1,434 click-through conversions, 690 of which were on Mobile (vs. Desktop), and best-performing creative assets had an Engagement Score* of 8.5.


Optimization: As Bidtellect became familiar with the campaign, we continued to block domains and placements with lower eCPAs and optimize to those with interested users engaging with the ads.

Creative: Creating engagement-worthy creative assets proved just as important as placement. By optimizing to best performing creative, the top-performing Mobile/Tablet creative had an Engagement Score of 8.5/10 (considered very high performing).


Mobile prevailed. Users engaged and engaged more meaningfully with the ads on Mobile more than Desktop. Mobile had the highest number of clicks and CTR, with 690 total conversions, an average Time on Site of 138.5 seconds and an Engagement Score of 8.3 (vs. 7.2 on Desktop), with a lower bounce rate: just 30.4%.


* Engagement Score is a unique metric created by Bidtellect to most-accurately measure the success of a Native asset based on user behavior. Its algorithm factors in sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, and time on site.


  • Drive acquisition via Native: $500 eCPA Goal
  • Drive Mass Awareness


Click Through Conversions:

Click Through + View Through Conversions

Best Performing Creative: (Engagement Score)