Native Delivers Optimal Reach

How this popular manufacturer of cherry flavored liquorice utilized content marketing to reach impulse consumers.


This brand has always been an “Adopter” as opposed to a “First Mover” when it comes to marketing and media. Case and point: TV remained their primary channel even with their late foray into multichannel marketing. Following diminishing returns with TV marketing, they started to invest heavily in Digital (especially Display, Social, and Search). They decided to “test-drive” Native ad placements to reach more consumers and drive sales.


  1. Content marketing trends are shifting to reach impulse consumers (as opposed to loyal, need-based, and targeted ones). In order for the brand to establish leadership in the emerging category, they needed to shift brand-to-segment campaigns to brand-to-channel.
  2. The brand does not sell off their website due to the perishable nature of their products. This makes it difficult to track sales and effectiveness of using a Native strategy.
  3. Search and Social had been huge in the past for the brand, but began lagging. They wanted to revitalize these once effective channels.


  • Bidtellect was able to show that Native is effective in delivering general reach (for impulse consumers) as well as targeted audience segments. We encouraged immediate testing on a smaller-scale in an effort to learn and apply successful strategies into larger campaigns the following year.
  • Bidtellect applied Native strategy to Social. We took their existing social media assets and distributed the content across the open web, thus amortizing their initial social investment and reaching a much larger audience.
  • The brand decided to test all their products first across all devices aside from video. Primary optimization was set to CTR and secondary to viewability with a strict 50% or better viewability standard. They chose contextual optimization and within the U.S. only.


Primary optimization: CTR. After one month, overall CTR was at .38% , with a strong eCPC of $0.74.

Secondary optimization: Viewbility requirments of >70% were satisfied.


In-Feed CTR


Mobile CTR


Tablet CTR

We continue to block CTRs that are below the average across Sites (domains) and Placements (locations within sites). Once adding in video, VCR reached 71.72%.