The Comprehensive List of Leading Post-Cookie Identity Solutions

As “the cookieless future” approaches, alternative targeting and attribution technology not tied to cookies will be critical.

Bidtellect is a performance-driven DSP well-versed in audience-based targeting. Based on our in-depth integrations with multiple SSPs and technology providers, we’ve created a starter list of the industry’s top identity alternative solutions.

We based our assessment on a number of factors: company size and reputation, expertise, the technology behind the identity solution, scope of adoption, and ease of integration. This is not a complete list, and market reputation and technology continue to evolve. 

A Multi-Adoption Approach

Based on the number of alternative ID solutions already entered into the space, widespread adoption of a single alternative will be unlikely. The future will likely be an amalgamation of multiple identities. The most effective DSPs will adopt multiple identifiers to achieve the reach required for an effective, scalable campaign solution. One step further, DSPs may need to create maps or graphs similar to these ID providers in order to keep track of the multiple identities required.

Download: The Comprehensive List of Leading Post-Cookie Identity Solution