Bidtellect 1H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect’s Native Report was created to provide advertisers with important insights and trends in the digital advertising industry – specifically, Native Advertising.

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​The first half of 2020 has been an eventful, unpredictable, and trying year for many across the world. A history-making global pandemic and civil rights movement have upended daily life and dominated the collective consciousness. As the coronavirus pandemic spread to the United States and Canada and halted life as we know it, the digital advertising industry was just one of many affected by the change.

The shift to the “new normal” of at-home work, dependence on ecommerce and at-home delivery, and attention to health and well-being are showcased in Bidtellect’s emergent platform trends in this report.

Key Takeaways:

Goal Setting

Multiple Goal Types revenue was 68% higher than CTR in one month, and consistently about double.

Device Engagement

Mobile had a 106% higher CTR than Desktop in 1H 2020.

Channel Trends

Engagement in the Style & Fashion category increased 21% from February to April, the height of the pandemic in the United States.

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