Major Clothing Retailer Sees Impressive 1370% ROI

Major Clothing Retailer Sees Impressive 1370% ROI


Major Clothing Retailer Sees Impressive 1370% ROI

Bidtellect’s contextual targeting coupled with unique post-click metrics drove massive engagement and revenue growth.


A major clothing retailer sought to drive sales and expand the brand’s online presence with a positive return on ad spend and performance measurement through Omniture data.


  • Bidtellect utilized 3 ad formats (In-Feed, Recommendation Widget and In-Ad) across 3 devices and all device types.
  • We drove new users to the retailer’s site via Contextual Targeting and leveraged a Retargeting tactic to re-message consumers who had not made a purchase.
  • Our dynamic pricing solution offered a more effective and efficient way to reach the target audience in the digital landscape.
  • Additionally, Bidtellect placed our propriety Engagement Code on the retailer’s site, which allowed us to monitor, optimize and offer thorough post-click analytics to the client.
  • Bidtellect providing detailed weekly reports that included a detailed breakout of our Engagement data in addition to Omniture and DCM’s data. Ultimately, the client shifted away from Omniture data to user site engagement.


The use of Bidtellect’s native advertising enabled this retail advertiser to communicate its powerful messaging and content while leveraging our advanced targeting across thousands of publishers. This resulted in an overall Engagement Score of 9/10. Engagement metrics were fantastic across the board, driving an Average Time on Site of 189 seconds, 2.58 Page Views per Visit and a Bounce Rate of 30.7%.

Q2 2019 Investment

Bidtellect drove over $1,068,000+ in Revenue


Return on Ad Spend