Overcoming Pixel Odds for Double KPI Success for A Financial Services Company

Overcoming Pixel Odds for Double KPI Success for A Financial Services Company


Overcoming Pixel Odds to Double KPI Success for A Financial Services Company


A financial services company set a KPI of Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) at $300. The campaign was aimed at new and repeat home buyers to complete a short form to prequalify for a home mortgage. Equally weighted KPI was IAS Viewability (vRate) of 70%*


This program was the first campaign opportunity with the financial services company, who was already committed to its current media partners across many lines of business (LOBs) and wary of change. After a year of valiant efforts by the sales team, the Home Mortgage LOB team committed $360K to a Q2 plan. But the IO came with strong terms: none of Bidtellect’s pixels could be placed appropriately on the client’s site which would measure Conversion, Retargeting, and Engagement on our platform, while the other platform in the head-to-head test could.


1st Party Audience Segments: Bidtellect leveraged 1st party Acxiom audience segments, which we would receive and refresh monthly. We had instructions to target/suppress these segments in some manner for all our campaigns that rolled up to 4 unique audiences for the client (First-Time Home Buyers/non-WF customer, First-Time Home Buyer/WF non-MTG customer, Repeat-Home Buyer/WF non-MTG customer, Repeat-Home Buyer/WF MTG customer). After a few weeks, the First-Time Home Buyer/Non-Client customer segment had the greatest potential based on yielding the strongest KPIs. We made measures to reallocate the majority of budget (~50%) to this segment, leading to a healthy boost.

Dynamic CPM Pricing: Another tactic we leveraged, which dramatically helped showcase a positive story, was dynamic CPM pricing. Bidtellect generated fantastic impression efficiencies (eCPM was ~74% below contracted rate) and reach that would not have been possible under a flat CPM model.

Routine Adjustments Based on Performance: Our Performance Analyst made routine assessments and initiated site/placement blocks on those driving down performance or misaligned with the brand and initiative. These cosmetic touches to the program helped steer us in an upward direction.


Unable to use our conversion pixel for measurement, Bidtellect got off to a slow start with low CPL and vRate measurement but ultimately surpassed expectations AND goals. The team’s daily efforts tracking performance and adjusting campaign levers helped the campaign begin to improve. Once able, we scaled without hurting KPI and optimized to audience segments yielding the best CPL and vRate. Bidtellect successfully eclipsed the 70% viewability mark for campaign to date, while still well below the $300 CPL benchmark, achieving both KPI goals. The success of this campaign and total Q2 performance lead to an incremental increase, a renewal, and new LOB opportunities within client portfolio. The achievement also demonstrates the Performance Analysts’ and Account Managers’ tireless commitment to campaigns to guarantee success for their clients.


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