This Week’s Newsletter: HPE Partners with Bidtellect & Google Plays Us All

This Week’s Newsletter: HPE Partners with Bidtellect & Google Plays Us All

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Bidtellect Taps HPE for Speed and Smarter Advertising

Big news! HPE announced its new partnership with Bidtellect. Their data and storage capabilities will enable Bidtellect to continue our advanced bidding process and optimization capabilities, like AARDvark, to reach advertiser goals with added efficiency. Every client wants that, don’t they?

To quote Bidtellect CTO Mike Conway: “We need to be able to estimate the value of ad placements in real time, and HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric delivers these insights in milliseconds….The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric helps our customers receive more value out of their media, allowing us to blow the competition out of the water.”

Read the Press Release: Bidtellect Crunches Big Data for Smarter Advertising With HPE Ezmeral


ICYMI: All About AARDvark

Say goodbye to clumsy manual bid factoring of the old. We sit down with VP of Product Arthur Hainline to discuss what exactly AARDvark is, how it saves time and boosts performance, and why it’s a game changer for advertisers.

Read the Press Release: AARDvark Press Release


Around the Industry:

  • Oh, Google. Stop playing with our emotions. The search engine/advertiser/bidding platform/email service/etc. confirmed via its blog that it will delay the depreciation of third-party cookies until mid-2023 and the phase out will end in late 2023.
  • Some good news: media investment company GroupM is spending $75 million to support media collective Group Black, a new initiative aimed at supporting Black-owned media and creators by connecting them with agencies and brands.
  • Banks are building back trust! According to eMarketer’s latest report, US banks built up a consumer trust advantage over competitors such as neobanks (a type of direct bank that operates exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks – I looked it up for you) and tech companies. Security and privacy remain the most crucial factors in influencing consumer trust in banks, especially after lingering memories of pandemic-related fraud.
  • 68% of B2Bs expect their digital marketing budgets to increase — with 42% who expect them to increase moderately and 26% significantly, according to a 2021 report in MediaPost, and 30% say they are significantly increasing their technology spend.
  • And say goodbye to Zoom fatigue? 75% of brand marketers have resumed live, in-person experiential marketing, according to AnyRoad’s report.

NEW! Creatives of the Week:







New! Each week, we’ll share some of our most engaging creatives to shed some light on the magic that makes creative assets shine in the wild!

Here, bright colors, happy individuals, and simple images lead to success. Most importantly, the brand on the left tapped a celebrity. A celebrity endorsement guarantees engagement. And notice the call to actions at the end: “Take a look!” and “Find one (or two) that you’ll want to wear everywhere.” Boom!

Read more about Bidtellect’s creative services team, [b]+studio.

3 Possibilities for Cookie Depreciation and the Future of Post-Cookie Identifiers

Google’s announcement may have delayed the inevitable, but there’s still some uncertainty around what’s next for the industry. VP of Product Arthur Hainline presents three core tactics as Chrome depreciates the third-party cookie and what it means for advertisers and the industry.

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Brand Safety & Privacy Still Matters: Here’s How Tech Can Help

Google announcement or not, privacy and brand safety still go hand in hand and matter. How can advertisers ensure their ads are seen positively “in the wild” and not found somewhere that comprises their brand integrity, privacy, even safety? Based on CEO Lon Otremba’s conversation with Adweek’s Danny Wright.


Case Study of the Week: How a Leading Insurance Company Used Targeted Content to Reach Consumers Across Multiple Regions​

In honor of National Insurance Day, read how a leading insurance company used targeted content to successfully reach consumers across multiple regions thanks to Bidtellect.

Read it here.


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