Holiday Creative Assets: The Naughty and Nice List

Holiday Creative Assets: The Naughty and Nice List

The holidays may look a little different this year, so all the more reason to ensure your holiday creative assets are top-performing. Digital advertisers: want to get on the nice list? See ya, bag of coal (or worse, sinking engagement)! Bidtellect’s [b]+studio shares best practices to make your holiday creative assets shine.

Headlines | The first (and best) way to catch a shopper’s eye.


  • Two-word headlines are so 2019. Phrases like “Holiday.Reimagined” or “The Best Running Shoes” don’t draw attention and earn trust. Remember, the headline of your Nativecreative should appear to look like an article.
  • Forgetting to Title Case Your Headlines


  • Use Compelling and Educational headlines like “What EveryGirl Wants in Her Closet”.
  • Ask Questions “Did Someone Say ‘Epic 1-Day Holiday Sale?’”
  • Oer to educate or solve problems “How to Create the Most Wonderful Holiday Tablescapes”.
  • Listicles are still the way to go “3 Classic Casual Outfits, Fit for Everyone”.
  • Sense of urgency – especially with sales “Don’t Miss Pier 1’sOne Big Sale & Clearance” or “Spoiler Alert: Your New FavoriteShoe is Here!” or “An Event So Extraordinary, It Only HappensTwice a Year.”
  • Content/Thought Leadership: o????er tips for the best gifts or creative ideas. “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Everyone on Your Nice List” or “How to Wear Adidas Like Your Favorite Celebs”
  • Witty puns with a holiday twist: “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Happy” or “Take a Step in a New Direction this Holiday SZN!”

Description | The copy under the headline – it gives a little extra information about what your product or content offers!


  • A description that’s shorter than the headline. Tsk tsk.

  • Content that doesn’t match what is provided on the landing page


  • Make sure your call-to-action in the description matches your KPI. “Beat the heat and save on A/Cs and dehumidifiers from Walmart. Pick from portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, and more! Shop now.” or “These boots are made for anything. The Killington offers constant support with dynamic????ex in every step. Get yours, shop now.”

  • Include a promotional code that is 20% off or higher in your holiday creative. Now more than ever, consumers need discounts. “Soft, flawless skin is truly the best gift. Today only, get 30% o your purchase, plus, get free gifts with purchase. Use code: TAKE30”

  • Offer to solve problems. Remember, most social gatherings will happen virtually – think about how your product will benefit the next Zoom or Facetime call.

Images | Your first and best visual cue – don’t slack here!


  • Text on images. Just don’t!

  • Cluttered images with no focal point

  • Dark images that don’t pop

  • Depressing imagery that makes the reader look away (hello remember it’s the holidays)


  • Use people or animals (they are more relatable!) in your holiday creative assets. Think: lifestyle, authentic, and in the holiday spirit. Tug on those heartstrings with images that show emotion.

  • Children, pets, food, and people in images perform best

  • Add some spice with animation or a cinemagraph

Video | Work in video content!


  • Super long videos (yawn)

  • Videos that require sound to get the message across. Not everyone has can hear or have headphones in.


  • Short and sweet with a clear message – conveyed with or without sound.

  • Pro Tip: Add subtitles.

Charlotte Otremba is Sr. Manager of Communications and Marketing at Bidtellect.

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