Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our customers come first. Always.

“Bidtellect is our strong partner providing Native advertising solutions for one of our global B2B technology clients. It’s Native advertising platform provides scale for our native campaigns with opportunities to access post-click analytics and insights. It’s capabilities in contextual advertising is especially relevant in complex post-GDPR environments. Bidtellect is a true partner and we consistently work together to achieve the best for our clients and campaigns.”

– Natalia Nossovskaia, Group Account Director, MediaCom

Through great collaboration and customer service with the account exec and her team, we were able to effectively and efficiently execute a Native ad campaign, which gained the positive attention of the client and solidified Native Advertising as a pillar of strength within our Online/Mobile strategy.
Constant thought-leadership and forward thinking from Tamanna and the team at Bidtellect continue to help our team, and agency keep abreast to a variety of digital changes, and evolutions within the market, which truly helps us do a better job.

Bidtellect consistently achieves positive results for our clients along with recognition from our client for bringing high level of value to our digital supplier

– James Lefebvre, Senior Digital Media Planner – Initiative Toronto

”We are very pleased with the platform and performance. we will send very possible recommendations to our UK colleagues based on this campaign” – Slyvain Corre, Head of Programmatic – Ireland

“Bidtellect has surpassed our goals and expectations from a performance and service standpoint. They consistently generate a positive ROI and provide data-driven insights and recommendations to further improve performance.”

“Bidtellect’s technology provides a unique Native platform that allows us to scale and learn from multiple ad formats and devices. We rely on their consistent performance for our clients due to their ability to scale and optimize to our KPI by content, ad format, and device type.”

Building trust with client by doing a retargeting campaign to hit prospects for a father’s day promotion. Per the client “This is just a testament of how amazing your ability to scale really is”.