What the heck is

Native Advertising &
Content Distribution

We’re so glad you asked… Native Advertising is the best-performing tool for a content distribution strategy.

Native Defined

[NEY-TIV AD•VER•TAHYZ•ING]: Ads that match the form and function of the publisher environment they’re in.


The ad is placed within content

In Feed:

The most premium Native advertising placement,
sponsored content (headlines, images and/or text)
which appears in-line with a given publisher’s original content.


The ad is formatted like content

Recommendation Widget:

An advertisement or sponsored content (headlines, images,
video and/or text), which appears in-line with the publisher’s
recommended viewing content.


The ad is relevant content


An advertisement which appears outside of the publisher’s
original content, inside a leaderboard, rectangle or skyscraper
ad space. Creative may mimic the look of the original content.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Native Advertising for Your Content Distribution Strategy

Native Ads don’t feel like an advertisement. People are more likely to engage with them while they are consuming content. 


Native Ads Create a Better Experience With the Brand

71% of US internet users believe banner ads are more intrusive now than ever before (Millward Brown). But Native Ads blend into the form and function of a publisher’s site, provide content previews and provide value – they are designed to inform, educate, and entertain. 59% of consumers find Native Ads interesting (Power of Native Report) and are looked at 53% more frequently than display ads (Sharethrough).


Consumers Want Content

70% of US internet users want to learn about products through content versus traditional advertisements (MDG Advertising). ⅔  of Generation X and Z consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising (Time Inc. study).


Native Ads Pierce Through Ad Clutter

Consumers tune out Banner and Display ads. Only 0.05% of users click on banner ads (SmartInsights) at all, as rising distrust has led users to ignore them completely – a phenomenon now dubbed “Banner Blindness.” On the other hand, 85% of internet users don’t feel their browsing experience is hindered at all by Native Ads (Adweek), and nearly ⅔ of consumers find Native Ads interesting and informative (NAI). Users are TWICE as likely to click on Native Ads (SmartInsights).


Native Performs Through the Funnel

Native ads register an 18% higher lift in purchase intent than standard banner ads and have proven to boost in-store traffic by 21% – and more efficiently than standard display ads (Sharethrough).


Publishers Are Shifting to Accommodate Native

The digital landscape has shifted. Publishers are developing their sites to accommodate more Native placements, including 75% of US publishers offering opportunities for placement already (NAI). By 2020 almost ⅔ of display spending will shift to Native, making Native Advertising a $53 billion business (eMarketer, March 2019). Native IS the new format.

Bidtellect was created with one game-changing mission: to be THE platform for the cutting-edge content marketer. Native is your new Content-First strategy.

Massive Scale, Greater Reach

If you go Native, go big or go home. We have partnerships with more than 30+ Supply Side Platforms and Exchanges for the most expansive network in the ecosystem, which means access to 58 million distinctly targetable placements and 10 billion Native auctions daily.

Understand Engagement  

It’s time to understand how users are engaging with your ads – accurately. It’s why we created the Engagement Score, unique proprietary technology for a deeper understanding of post-click behavior. Its algorithm factors in sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, and time on site, giving you key insights about your campaigns, creative, content, and audiences so you can optimize accordingly.

The Future: Context Matters

Target with or without data by forecasting contextual preferences in a post-GDPR landscape with Bidtellect’s Forecasting 2.0 technology. Deeply integrated contextual targeting by category, keyword, and placement to understand audiences at the environmental level.

Creative Services Support

Why not turn to a team of experts to develop and deliver creative that maximizes performance? Bidtellect’s own In-House creative team, [b]+studio, will help with all image, copy, content, and creative needs for maximum engagement, including mocks and screenshots, content and creative audits, and strategy recommendations.

An Ad Type for Every Need

Multiple Ad Types Across all channels for the most convenient customer service (in-feed, recommendation widget, in-ad, native in-feed video, outstream video, and native auto-play preview.)

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