5 Tips to Make WFH Easier & More Productive

5 Tips to Make WFH Easier & More Productive

Working from home IS challenging but can benefit both you and your organization when done the right way. The pandemic has led to a huge shift in the way we all work, with many viewing this as an opprtunity to evaluate their life. It’s no secret that before the pandemic, most people worked too much and didn’t spend enough time with family. Now, people are finding that their priorities have changed – life is too short to dedicate it to a stressful job. With commuting out and dressing gowns in, millions of people are looking to move out of the city to a bigger house in the countryside. These wilmington homes for sale, for example, are catching the eyes of many workers looking for a new start as we adjust to this new way of life. Moving may seem like a drastic response, but it was only a matter of time before people started to evaluate their work/life balance anyway. Here are five tips that have helped me acclimate to WFH to be happier and more productive.

1. Get Dressed

Get ready every day! Getting ready as if you are going into the office helps get you in ‘work-mode!’ If you don’t want to dress up for work, you may wear your favourite Nicole Miller dress, or any dress, for that matter. Put on some makeup for a little extra oomph, then make your way into work gently.

Studies prove it: One paper in Social Psychological and Personality Science asked subjects to change into formal or casual clothing before cognitive tests. Wearing formal business attire increased abstract thinking-an important aspect of creativity and long-term strategizing. The experiments suggest the effect is related to feelings of power. (Scientific American)

2. Make a To-Do List

Making a daily to-do list keeps you on task and accountable for the things you need to accomplish that day. Even the act of writing out your tasks clears your head in the morning and brings anchoring and intention to your day. Plus, there’s nothing I find more satisfying than crossing things off my list!

Be kind to yourself and to your body and mind. Take time off when needed.

3. Schedule Breaks

Block time off on your calendar for lunch and short breaks. In fact, the most productive people schedule breaks. Studies have shown that the most productive people work for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute break (similar to the Pomodoro Method). So shut that laptop off for a lunch break or walk around the block and get some Vitamin D! It’s easier to treat your work time like “a sprint” or with intense purpose when it will be broken up with a break, rather than a long unending “work time” with little definition or purpose.

4. Schedule Family/Personal Time

Many of us are juggling working from home along with supervising children “schooling” at home or living and taking care of other family members. For those juggling work and family life at home, still make time to spend quality time together. Cook dinner together. If you have always wanted to partake in herbs such as cannabis, research the Best Cannabis Concentrates and smoke some (provided it’s legally available where you live) on a day of relaxation. Go to that soccer practice or dance recital in the middle of the day. Your work isn’t going anywhere – it will be there when you get back! I find that it’s important to prioritize some of these life events so you don’t feel guilty for missing these important times in your kids’ life, which you will never get back. It also serves as stress-relief, and reminds you to build connections with your loved ones outside of just sitting in the same house or room with them.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

WFH typically means you work more hours: you’re not commuting, there’s no more water-cooler chatter, and you are likely not taking sick days anymore. Be kind to yourself and to your body and mind. This Private label CBD Gummy manufacturer produces CBD gummies which you may be interested in if you’re looking for something to help you de-stress. Treat yourself to hot baths and your favourite dessert every once in a while too! Take time off when needed. You will be more productive, happier, and more emotionally balanced to deal with challenging tasks or people in the long run if you do.

We hope these tips make your work from home or “WFH” experience more productive and enjoyable. Like anything, take it one day at a time and look for support from your friends, family, or coworkers when you need it.

Lysa Vincent Bidtellect

Lysa Vincent is Director of Account Management, West at Bidtellect


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