Get Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

Get Ready for Memorial Day Weekend




MDW is fast approaching. The kickoff to summer is filled with travel, friends and family gatherings, and plenty of opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers with hosting, food, and lifestyle inspiration to boost sales.

Weekend Travel? Yes

This year, renewed confidence in travel combined with eagerness to see family and friends mean MDW is likely to be a big travel weekend to domestic and local locations. Huge numbers travel on the weekend itself, and more than half of Americans are planning a trip this Spring/Summer. Family and friends are the main reason for travel.

37.1 Million

 Last year, 37.1 million people traveled at least 50 miles from their homes on MDW (eMarketer, 2021).


56% of Americans are planning a trip this spring/summer. (Vacasa, February 2022)


Family and friend events were the activities most likely to encourage a trip in 2022 (45% and 32%, respectively). (Vacasa, February 2022)


This year the likelihood of spring travel is even higher for hybrid workers (86%) and millennials (75%). (Vacasa, February 2022)

Domestic Travel & Staycations

Will Be Most Popular


Domestic Travel

75% of American travelers are planning a domestic trip this spring/summer (Vacasa, February 2022)


Last year the most common form of MDW travel was via automobile (eMarketer, 2021).


23% of American travelers are springing for a staycation this spring/summer (Vacasa, February 2022)
Work with Bidtellect’s [b]+studio to create messaging around trip inspiration, especially domestic travel and local outing ideas.
Domestic tourist brands, states, and cities should use this time to increase meaningful spend and scale to reach consumers seeking travel inspiration or deciding whether to travel or not.
Cater messaging towards hybrid workers: easy destinations to work remotely, high-speed WIFI, etc.

What This Means

Lean on video and high-impact creative units for their eye-catching quality and guaranteed boost in engagement.
Offer promotions like booking discounts and longer trip deals. Ads with promotions are consistently top performing, according to [b]+studio.
Utilize Bidtellect’s context demographics targeting capability, which leverages general domain analytics to target websites with preferred gender and age demographics; in this case: millennials who are most likely to travel.

Celebrating at Home:
CPG, QSR & Lifestyle Brands

Consumer packaged goods (CPG), Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and other food and lifestyle brands can expect an increase in spend in preparation for Memorial Day Weekend, even if party sizes are still a bit smaller. Make the most out of your creative assets with promotions, targeting and optimization, and by leaning on [b]+studio.

Snack Choices: Chips & Snack Mixes!

Food: Classic Hotdogs vs. Hamburgers


Serve potato chips


Serve tortilla chips


Serve snack mixes (SF&WB, 2021)


Surveyed Americans
serve hamburgers


Serve hotdogs
(SF&WB, 2021)

Party Size: Last year, Memorial Day parties were small: 40% of MDW parties had less than 10 guests, while 30% had 10-19. Expect a modest jump in party size this year. (SF&WB, 2021)




Brand Messaging & Goals

Work with Bidtellect’s [b]+studio to create eye-catching messaging around easy snacks, dishes, hosting, outdoor barbeque, table setting inspiration, and more.

Reporting, Adjustments, & Retargeting

QSR brands can offer promotions for take-out and delivery to make at-home hosting easier and less stressful for consumers.

Bid Factoring & Context-Driven Optimizations

Reach consumers already researching MDW, travel, at-home parties, or any topic of your choosing with context-driven targeting and optimization.

Top Tier Audiences & Cookieless Targeting

Utilize Bidtellect’s proprietary audiences, which use natural language processing technology and a semantic understanding of the context at the page level to build custom audiences that show an explicit interest in the category of your choosing.

Reach out to work with us on your Memorial Day Weekend strategy.

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Reach Gift-Givers & Travelers with Bidtellect

Moms shouldered heavier caregiving responsibilities these past two years (hello Zoom school!), so spouses and children will celebrate big or spend more to show extra appreciation to mother figures of all kinds.

What You Can Do

Solidify your brand message with Bidtellect’s performance team and creative experts, [b]+studio
Reach consumers already researching the topic of Mother’s Day or simply browsing for inspiration with cookieless context-driven targeting and optimization.
Maximize Bidtellect’s proprietary audiences, which use natural language processing technology and a semantic understanding of the context at the page level to build custom audiences that show an explicit interest in the category of your choosing.

Who Is Spending?

Highest Spenders: Age 25-35

Age 25-34 are the highest spenders, probably because they’re more likely to spend on both a mother figure and a partner. Last year, these shoppers spent an average of $367.08 (NRF, 2021).


Bidtellect’s bid factoring and context-driven optimization will automatically optimize to best performing placements and bid accordingly – maximizing performance and saving you money where it counts. Mom would be proud.

New Top Gifts & Inspiration

Most Popular Gifts

  • Greeting Cards

  • Flowers

  • Special Outing

Recent trends include at-home delivery services and consumer electronics, which make life at home and virtual check ins easier on everyone. So don’t discount some creative spending habits that you can help inspire through creative messaging.

What You Can Do

Work with [b]+studio to create custom creative assets and messaging to inspire consumers with gift-giving ideas.

Leverage sequential retargeting, an advanced targeting strategy that ushers users down the funnel with a second, complementary brand message and stronger CTA.

Count on More Travel

What You Can Do

This year, renewed confidence in travel combined with eagerness to see family and friends mean travel during the Mother’s Day weekend and through Spring is a given.

Family and friend events were the activities most likely to encourage a trip in 2022 (45% and 32%, respectively).

(Vacasa, February 2022)

Offer creative inspiration for easy trips, activities to do together outside, and other ways to celebrate Mom.
Bidtellect’s context-driven optimization will optimize down to the placement level of the page to place ads next to relevant information – meaning you can reach consumers researching travel and Mother’s Day.
Cater Mother’s Day travel messaging to hybrid workers and millennials
Plus, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) means your creatives will adjust dynamically and automatically to the best-performing combination.

Bidtellect Platform Trends: Mother’s Day 2021

Highest Spend by Advertisers

Highest Engagement Score

Highest CTR

1. Mobile
2. Desktop
3. Tablet
1. Native Display
2. Native Video
3. Banner Display
1. Desktop
2. Mobile
3. Tablet
1. Banner Display
2. Native Display
3. Native Video
1. Mobile
2. Tablet
3. Desktop
1. Native Display
2. Banner Display
3. Native Video

It’s interesting to note that Mobile had the highest spend and subsequently CTR, but Desktop had the highest Engagement Score — a unique combination of measurement factors — indicating more meaningful engagement. Your Bidtellect performance team can guide you to the best strategy to reach your goals.

Download the Mother’s Day Strategy Here

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2H 2020 Native Report

2H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect 2H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect’s Native Report was created to provide advertisers with important
insights and trends in the digital advertising industry – specifically,
Native Advertising.

Download below. 

The platform trends and data in this report undoubtedly reflect shifting habits in reaction to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020.

Key Takeaways

Dynamic goal setting still brought in the highest revenue for advertisers thanks to Bidtellect’s optimization engine. Video usage continues to climb, and consumers consistently prefer recommended content that blends in with the environment. Consumers still used their phones and tablets during lockdown, but they spent more time with content on Desktops than the first half of the year. Travel and Personal Finance saw promising rebounds, indicating hope for the future.


Goal Setting

Dynamic Goal Setting Leads to Max ROI

Device Engagement

Longer Engagement on Desktop, Higher Click-Throughs on Mobile and Tablet

Ad Types

Relevant Recommendation Widget Ad Type Sees Highest Engagement

Download Bidtellect’s 2H2020 Native Report

The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis


Industry Update: The Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus Crisis has affected every corner of life and business across the world. Since the pandemic upended life in the United States in March, Bidtellect has been tracking its effect on advertising, industries, and consumers. Below is an ongoing compilation of those resources.

Man with credit card and phone - black and white

Coronavirus Impact on the Financial Vertical. Our advice? Build trust.

How has the coronavirus crisis has impacted the financial vertical? What has and will emerge is greater attention to savings thanks to financial strain and high unemployment. How should advertising efforts continue and what can we learn from the ’08 crisis? 



29% of US internet users conduct mobile banking on a phone



29% of Americans have already begun using a brand due to the innovative or compassionate way they’ve responded to the COVID-19 crisis.


Kantar Research

75% saying brands should inform people of what they’re doing.

Contextual Targeting and the Cookie-less Advertising Future

Retail - black and white

Retail Gains Traction During Coronavirus Crisis Thanks to e-Commerce

The retail sector is gaining traction during the coronavirus thanks to e-commerce. Empathetic brand messaging, digital advertising, and shifting to changing consumer needs will help retail grow online sales through the coronavirus crisis.



Emarsys and GoodData

The number of online orders for web-only online retailers in US and Canada increased year over year for the 2 weeks of March 22 – April 4.



83% of respondents want compassionate connection, including brand messaging that communicates empathy and support with the struggles they face.



Online food sales surged 183% between March 1 and 25, vs. the same period last year.

Up Your Game: 5 High Impact Creatives for Max Native Engagement

woman applying lipstick - black and white

Beauty and the Coronavirus: eCommerce, ‘Affordable Luxury,’ & the Future

The global beauty industry generates $500 billion in sales a year and accounts for millions of jobs, directly and indirectly, according to McKinsey. For this largely brick-and-mortar industry, coronavirus certainly impacted sales, but the industry (and its customers) proved dynamic with its shift to ecommerce and booming skincare and “affordable luxury” products. For now and moving forward, expect a permanent shift to ecommerce or hybrid shopping models. Offer promotions and content to inspire shopping online. And, when in doubt, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”




Several prestige brands are offering discounts online of up to 40% to capture promotion-oriented consumers, according to McKinsey. Promotions also help move unsold seasonal inventory.



More than 77% of Americans tried new shopping behaviors during the crisis (up from 76% in late July), including new methods, brands, and places, with the intention of sticking with them in the long-term.



64% of respondents (US Internet Users) are more likely to digitally purchase cosmetics and personal care during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Bidtellectuals Share Their Fav Beauty Products for WFH

Woman on iPad talking to doctor - black and white

The COVID-19 Impact on Health & Pharma and What It Means for Marketers

With COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders still dominating the collective consciousness in the US and Canada, pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers may be wondering how best to manage their efforts. Indeed, coronavirus impacted planned ad spend in March and April, but recovered quickly; prescription drug spending and video performance remained steady. Since May, ad spend is up YoY. Performance testing, creative solutions to information requirements, and the power of Native will bring pharmaceutical marketers the most success now and beyond. Pharma marketers: here’s what you need to know.




By May, medical and pharma ad spending was up 56% overall year over year,



Prescription drugs soared 123% over typical spending levels during the spike—and cancer drugs in particular,



The percentage of doctor visits happening remotely (via telehealth) increased to 28.1% of HCP visits since mid-March.

Feeling Stiff? Tips for Sore Neck and Back Relief at Home

B2B - iPad- Black and white

B2B and Coronavirus: The Digital Advertising Opportunity

B2B sales during coronavirus are holding steady thanks to ecommerce. Adapting to work-from-home and digital events is key. The golden opportunity is digital advertising, according to data.



MarTech Series

B2B online purchases have increased by 24% since last year. 


MarTech Series

The number of online B2B purchases has risen from 41% before lockdown to 46% during lockdown. 



43% of US B2B Marketers are reallocating event marketing budgets not used because of coronavirus to Content Creation. 

Tips to Work from Home Effectively

Woman Traveling wearing a mask

Travel Post-Coronavirus: What Should Advertisers Do Now?

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted travel? What are the expected consumer trends and what can brands be doing now? How can advertisers adjust their messaging? This is the coronavirus travel impact for digital advertisers.




40% of consumers say that they plan to make fewer long distance leisure trips and instead would consider planning more short distance leisure trips. 



A combined 64.6% would feel neutral, happy, or very happy about seeing a travel ad for where they live. 



82% of adults said they support deep cleaning after every flight.

eMarketer Podcast Insights: What Consumers Expect From Brands During Coronavirus

Man online taking class

The Current State of Higher Education and Coronavirus

How has the coronavirus crisis has impacted education? What will students trend towards and how can colleges, universities, and alternate learning programs adjust their solutions and messaging?



New York Times

Fewer than 10% of Coursera students pay for courses; they take them free.


OneClass via New York Times

75% of students said they don’t think they’re receiving a quality learning experience.



15% College students who, when given the option to finish their degree online or complete their degree in-person, want to finish online. 

Bidtellectuals Share Their Favorite Quarantine Reads

Fast food line

QSR Post-COVID: Think Digital, Appeal to Local, Create Content

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry – aka Fast Food, Drive-Through, To-Go – has largely held strong during the pandemic. Brands that relied heavily on morning commuters and eat-in customers suffered the most, while brands that maximized digital channels, at-home delivery, and promotional content flourished. These are the top three takeaways for QSR marketers to adjust your digital strategy during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.




Taco Bell Same-store sales increase from 75% drive-thru to nearly 100% drive-thru or contactless delivery, and overall sales increase 1% in 2020.



A 2019 eMarketer study forecast that more than 20% of US smartphone users will order food via an app by 2021 – that’s 49.8 million users. This was before the coronavirus pandemic.



Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.

Bidtellectuals Share 10 Recipes to Brighten Your Day

Bidtellect 1H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect 1H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect 1H 2020 Native Report

Bidtellect’s Native Report was created to provide advertisers with important insights and trends in the digital advertising industry – specifically, Native Advertising.

Download below. 

​The first half of 2020 has been an eventful, unpredictable, and trying year for many across the world. A history-making global pandemic and civil rights movement have upended daily life and dominated the collective consciousness. As the coronavirus pandemic spread to the United States and Canada and halted life as we know it, the digital advertising industry was just one of many affected by the change.

The shift to the “new normal” of at-home work, dependence on ecommerce and at-home delivery, and attention to health and well-being are showcased in Bidtellect’s emergent platform trends in this report.

Key Takeaways:

Goal Setting

Multiple Goal Types revenue was 68% higher than CTR in one month, and consistently about double.

Device Engagement

Mobile had a 106% higher CTR than Desktop in 1H 2020.

Channel Trends

Engagement in the Style & Fashion category increased 21% from February to April, the height of the pandemic in the United States.

Download Bidtellect’s 1H2020 Native Report

Watch: 2020 Trend Report: 3 Key Native Advertising Trends Q1 + Q2 2020