Canada Advertising Trends

Canada Advertising Trends

These are the latest Canada Advertising Trends you need to know now.

Spend on Digital Continues to Grow In Canada

Similar to the United States advertising industry, advertising in Canada is trending towards a digital landscape. In 2022 and beyond, we can anticipate more spend on digital advertising, more digital buyers, and bigger digital campaigns. Canadian companies are allocating more of their time and money to digital advertising.


  • Digital ad spending in Canada will surpass CA$10 billion ($7 billion) this year, accounting for 64.3% of total media ad spending (eMarketer, April 2021)
  • For the first time, digital ad spending will exceed CA$10 billion ($7 billion). By the end of 2024, it will reach CA$13.14 billion ($9.80 billion) (eMarketer, April 2021)
  • There will be 24.2 million digital buyers in Canada (eMarketer, July 2021)
  • This year, for the first time, digital ad spending will be more than double traditional ad spending, accounting for 68.3% of the total ad market in Canada (eMarketer, May 2022)
  • In 2017, digital expenditures amounted to C$6.77 billion ($5.40 billion). In 2022, they will soar past the C$12 billion mark by adding C$1.22 billion ($0.97 billion) from 2021 (eMarketer, May 2022)
  • Canadian advertisers have allocated over 50% of their budgets to digital campaigns. (Review Moose, January 2022)

Post-Pandemic Comfort With Mobile Transactions Leads to Growth

According to data, it is expected that Mobile advertising and Mobile purchases will continue to grow rapidly. The pandemic accelerated the shift towards greater comfort and convenience with more activities online; including shopping and interacting with media online. Utilizing Bidtellect’s mobile advertisements will help drive awareness through real-time optimization. 


  • By 2025, we expect transactions made from mobile phones and tablets to reach CA$46.40 billion ($34.59 billion) and account for 36.2% of digital purchases (eMarketer, July 2021)
  • Mobile advertising spending in Canada reached $7.29 billion (Review Moose, January 2022)

Brand Safety Is Just As Much of a Concern & Priority

Distrust around news and brand safety are two trends that have emerged as concerns. It is important to use a platform with brand safety capabilities, keyword/block lists, using contextual targeting to place ads in relevant environments, and lastly to use a platform that you trust.


  • Only 42 per cent of Canadian respondents trust “most news, most of the time,” a slight drop from last year’s 45 per cent (The Conversation, June 2022)
  • Age is a major factor in how much respondents trust the news, with higher trust among respondents aged 35 or older than for younger adults (The Conversation, June 2022)
  • Half of Canadians consider mainstream news organizations to be politically close to each other. Among those who consider news outlets very close, only 21% trust the news (The Conversation, June 2022)
  • The number of people who actively avoid the news, at least occasionally, has grown to 71% from 55% in 2017 (The Conversation, June 2022)

Video Ads Hold Attention & Spend

Video advertisements are popular all over the world and we are seeing the same in Canada advertising trends.


  • The research and insights company expects the number of digital video viewers is expected to reach 27.7 million by the end of the year (Media in Canada, October 2021)
  • eMarketer expects 30.1 million Canadians, or 75.5% of the population, to be regular digital video viewers in 2025 (eMarketer via Media in Canada, October 2021)
  • Nearly nine out of ten people report wanting to see more videos from brands in 2021 (Hubspot)

Digital advertising is quite literally taking over the world! We hope these Canada Advertising Trends are helpful!



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