Make Your Copy Shine With These 10 Best Practices for Native & Display Advertising

Make Your Copy Shine With These 10 Best Practices for Native & Display Advertising

Bidtellect’s [b]+studio are experts at creating eye-catching copy and image pairings that lead to maximum engagement for advertisers. We asked them for their top ten foolproof copy tips. 

Creative best practices are crucial to native and display advertisements: 93% of audiences said that they prefer brands that put some effort in creating something unique to get their attention (Insight at FreakOut, 2021). Coupled with contextual targeting and optimization, eye-catching images and copy will help consumers and decision makers find what they may be looking for.

Copy is especially important because it can direct consumers to content that is valuable to them. According to Forrester Research, 81% of respondents find industry-specific content valuable, and 49% of technology buying decision makers rely on content developed by industry analysts/experts to make buying decisions. 

As reported by Facebook, 63% of global shoppers surveyed enjoyed discovering items they weren’t actively looking for. What does this mean for digital advertisers during the holiday season and beyond? It means that consumers want help while they are shopping. 


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