Our 5 Industry Predictions For 2023: What Agencies and Brands Need to Know Now

Our 5 Industry Predictions For 2023: What Agencies and Brands Need to Know Now

2023 will be a year of reckoning for the programmatic space, as adtech and digital marketing leaders meet the call for necessary changes that benefit all – tech providers, publishers, brands, agencies, consumers, and the environment. 2023 adtech industry predictions

These are the five 2023 predictions from our leaders at Bidtellect – the performance-driven DSP.

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Here’s what we predict:

A brand, or an agency representing that brand, will make a programmatic media buy within the first 6 months of 2023 on the basis of the carbon footprint of the supply path. This will mark the first-ever programmatic media purchase in North America based on how “clean” the media buy actually is, and will open the floodgates to brands making carbon-considered programmatic media a real priority.

Read more about our partnership with Scope3 and how you can take action to reduce carbon waste immediately here.

Brands will recognize the benefits of sustainable advertising extend beyond the positive environmental impact, as it will deliver on the promise of a more transparent, cleaner, and higher quality programmatic supply chain resulting in more working media for advertisers and more revenue for quality publishers.

Learn more about the convergence of supply path transparency and sustainability in our Adweek talk here.

Consolidation in programmatic adtech will accelerate as the bridge between the brand and the publisher facilitates a more direct path. Unnecessary hops, costs, and middlemen will be exposed and shunted from the RTB supply chain as the convergence between DSPs, SSPs, and DMPs accelerates. 023 adtech industry predictions

Read more about the evolution of SSPs and the need for consolidation in the wake of supply path transparency here. 

By the end of the year, effective and high performing cookieless targeting and attribution methodologies will exist at scale, just in time for 3rd-party cookie deprecation by Google in early 2024.

Download our whitepaper on our definitive list of cookie alternatives here. Read more about the performance power of cookieless targeting here.

ANA’s programmatic transparency initiative and audit performed by PwC will run into further delays and, ultimately, will not get published. Other industry efforts, including more sustainable media buying, will instead pressure the industry to provide more transparency into the supply chain.

Read more about the delays to ANA’s programmatic transparency study here. 2023 adtech industry predictions

2023 is predicted to set massive movements in motion. Agencies, brands, and programmatic players will need to make changes to keep up with the evolving industry. 2023 adtech industry predictions

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