This Week in Digital Advertising: Weed Wins the Election. Plus: CCPA Upgrades & How to De-Stress

This Week in Digital Advertising: Weed Wins the Election. Plus: CCPA Upgrades & How to De-Stress

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Americans turned out in record numbers on Election Day: percentage-wise, this is the highest voter turnout rate among eligible citizens since 1900. Yet the outcome of the election remains uncertain. If you’re feeling anxious or just exhausted from this week’s news cycle, try these resources to unwind:

The Clear Election Winner? Weed

On Tuesday, voters made history by legalizing weed in some form in five states. In Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota, voters legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Obviously, these states also have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, as well as recreational, and this is now widely available and easy to find. For example, Arizona residents can get their MMJ card online. In Mississippi and South Dakota (separately), voters legalized medical marijuana only. The addition of these markets means that 230 million Americans – 70% of the population – live in areas with medical or recreational weed sales. The results are so definitive that they could accelerate the push for federal legalization. However, this must be made clear that though there is a legalization of marijuana, it must be understood that this must not be misused in any way. Marijuana might have medical properties, but due to its psychedelic effects, it may turn into an addiction for many, which might lead some towards centres similar to Discover Recovery Treatment.

There are several other advantages to marijuana that may not be obvious from a distance but may have contributed to its legalization. For instance, many studies have found that psychedelics such as marijuana and magic mushrooms may help in overcoming depression. On that note, nowadays people can order marijuana online for medical purposes as long as they are from a state where it is legalized. For other countries, let say Canada, one can visit weed smart or other such websites where they can easily order marijuana and get it at their doorstep. Coming back to the advantages, the Farm Bill allows hemp and hemp-derived products as long as they contain less than 0.3 percent Trusted Source tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD, unlike its sister compound tetrahydrocannabinol, does not get people high. Rather, experts claim that CBD oil can help with chronic pain and stress relief. Besides, CBD can be used as a skincare product because it has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe acne and may aid with the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Another CBD product that might help people who want to smoke weed but with a lower risk of developing lung problems might use vape cartridges. People who want to try vaping can go to websites such as getkush. The main advantage of vaping marijuana is that it contains fewer toxins than smoking it. Another advantage of vaping is that you don’t have to roll joints every time you want to get high. Because there is little to no smell, vaping THC cartridges is also a great way to remain discreet.

Now let’s start advertising.

CCPA Gets an Upgrade

The Consumer Privacy Rights Act – affectionately referred to as CCPA 2.0 – has been approved by voters in California, passing with 56.1% of the vote. The amendment bolsters CCPA by both instituting a handful of new privacy rights for California citizens and making it more difficult for regulators to weaken privacy laws in the future.

Unifying the Unified ID

The Trade Desk is on a mission to achieve industry-wide adoption of their Unified ID, what they hope will be a standard-identity replacement for third-party cookies. In just a week, they announced partnerships with LiveRamp, Criteo, and Nielson. “The more collaborators join this initiative, the more critical mass it will achieve in the market,” said Michelle Hulst, EVP of global data and strategy at The Trade Desk. BTW, Bidtellect has adopted the use of TTD UID as well as Liveramp’s Identity Link (IDL).

Good News: Record Number of Women Elected to Congress

Results are still coming in, but so far there will be at least 131 women in the next Congress, setting a record that surpasses the one set in 2019 (127 elected). The number includes as many as 106 women in the House and 25 in the Senate, representing 24.4% and 25% of all members respectively. Of the women elected so far, 83 Democrats and 23 Republicans will serve in the House and 17 Democrats and eight Republicans will be in the Senate; 43 are women of color.

Stay safe, friends!


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Charlotte Otremba is Sr. Manager of Communications and Marketing at Bidtellect.

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On MediaPost: It’s Legal, Now How Do We Advertise Medical Marijuana?

On MediaPost: It’s Legal, Now How Do We Advertise Medical Marijuana?

Read on MediaPost here:

Advertising Signposts For The Cannabis Industry

A few weeks ago, Florida announced that smoking (medicinal) marijuana is legal (CBS). Missouri drafted rules for medical marijuana usage (KY3). There was news about a new New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (NORML). There was been a big increase in those using cannabis both recreationally and medically. In fact, some of the best dab rigs on the market have been selling out because it’s becoming so popular. It was revealed that there has been a 76% increase in Cannabis Industry Jobs in the US (AZ Marijuana). It was revealed that there has been a 76% increase in Cannabis Industry Jobs in the US (AZ Marijuana). This is all in the last month. A lot of the growth has been attributed to the rise of a new industry – that of delta 8 THC. Delta 8 carts are a popular option among cannabis users for their compact design and availability in a variety of terpene-infused flavors like wedding cake and sour diesel.
The Global Legal Cannabis Market is projected to hit $166 billion by 2025 (Euromonitor). It is the fastest growing market in the world, according to MarketWatch. “Within 10 years, cannabis will be a regular part of daily routines,” said Zora Milenkovic, head of drinks and tobacco at Euromonitor International. “From a functional ingredient to an intoxicating buzz, cannabis will reshape fast-moving consumer goods, with food, beverages, beauty, health and tobacco having the most potential for disruption.” (Euromonitor).

We are witnessing history: the growth of a new industry in conjunction with rebuilding a reputation from the bottom up.

As the cloud of marijuana stigma lifts in the United States, states are scrambling to create laws that keep up with the growing industry while grappling with varying moral and regulatory opinions. In some states, all that’s needed is a driver’s license to enjoy marijuana recreationally. In other states, consumers need to be vetted by a doctor, pay upwards of $250 for a medical card, then choose from highly-regulated products for ailments, similar to a prescription. California’s Track and Trace system, for example, aims to keep a record of marijuana as it moves around the state, helping to regulate it. Elsewhere, laws can differ even by county.

The laws are confusing. Interested consumers are often left wondering where they can go and what they can buy. The answer to clarification: advertising. The current advertising initiatives? Equally as confusing as the laws limiting them. And half-hearted at best.

Here’s the only advertising I’ve seen: side-of-the-road CBD sign-flipping in Florida (the guy was pretty good, I’ll give them that) and billboard advertising for weed delivery service Eaze in California. Not that we can entirely blame the companies. Social media advertising is limited and often restricted – the lack of law consistency is a headache not worth the trouble (ETF). For those venturing outside the walled gardens on programmatic ad platforms, targeting, measurement, and analytics are limited, especially for simple display ads, which often face roadblocks similar to social.

Turn to Content

If you’re a marijuana or CBD company, turn to your content and make sure you have a viable cbd bank account set up for payment processing for what you need during this time. Chances are, you’ve got a ton of content: research articles, educational resources, tips, lists, recipes, and more. I read new articles every day about the latest healing benefits of CBD from inflammation to stress release to skin ailments. That’s the kind of content to distribute. Your stories can be the next wave of your advertising strategy. While you’re looking into this for your CBD products, you may also want to consider how to brand yourself too. If you sell white-label products from a manufacturer like Taylor Mammon, you could get branding assistance as well as multiple other services from them directly to help you reach out to your audience and customer base.

Content is the chance to re-educate the masses on the positives of marijuana, but how its targeted to consumers matter. Consider: a mom is unlikely to start liking a social sponsored posts about weed on Instagram. She’s far more likely to read a sponsored article on the web about how Medicinal Marijuana helped another mom with epilepsy. Do you see where I’m going with this? A Native Ad that leads a user to high-quality content aligns with the goal of re-education and reputation-building. Fluffy flowers and glass bongs may be a no-go in Native ads, but content is your secret weapon.

MJ Lovers: establish your company as a thought leader at the forefront of cutting edge health and wellness development. Create high quality content that lifts your reputation above marijuana’s seedy past. Turn to a content-distribution platform to distribute your content in a targeted, trackable, and measurable way. Context is also key: get it in front of users that are already interested. The right content and right distribution with be the key to re-energizing the state of medicinal marijuana advertising.

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