Mother’s Day Onesheet: Reach Gift-Givers & Travelers With Bidtellect

Mother’s Day Onesheet: Reach Gift-Givers & Travelers With Bidtellect

Celebrations for Mother’s Day have changed over time since first established as a holiday. In the Middle Ages, the holiday was known as “Mothering,” developed to allow for those who had moved away from home to return to their mothers on this day. Over time, the holiday sculpted into a celebration and honoring of motherhood. It evolved from a day of honor to a day of gift giving and sending cards. Though celebrated across the world, it is not observed on the same day everywhere. This year, we celebrate Mother’s Day in the US and Canada on Sunday May 8th.

Download our onesheet for everything you need to know to plan your Mother’s Day campaigns this year.


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Behind the Platform: Using Peer39 For Brand Safety & Keyword Targeting

Bidtellect VP of Product Arthur Hainline demonstrates the three key uses for the Peer39 integration in Bidtellect’s DSP, while offering helpful tips for traders and advertisers to get the most out of Bidtellect’s product.

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Bidtellect VP of Product Arthur Hainline demonstrates the new Scope3 integration in Bidtellect’s platform, how you can take actionable steps to reduce carbon waste, and the current state of the industry’s wasteful supply path emissions.

This Week’s Newsletter: Pack Your Bags: Travel Post-COVID, Adweek’s Brand Safety Event, FAQs: This Week in Digital Advertising: May 14th, 2021

This Week’s Newsletter: Pack Your Bags: Travel Post-COVID, Adweek’s Brand Safety Event, FAQs: This Week in Digital Advertising: May 14th, 2021

Hello Bidtellectuals!

Congratulations to Bidtellectual of the Week Katie Broussard!

Let’s Go Somewhere: Travel Post-COVID!

Thanks to ecommerce and travel bookings, ad spend is red hot right now. (Boy, is that sentence a sight for sore eyes after 2020!) It’s true: in countries where cases are dropping and vaccines in hospitals and urgent care centres are being administered, consumers are planning to travel and buy products to prepare (hello, beach outfits!).

Individuals and businesses are still on their guard about the virus, but there are steps in place to ensure that cleanliness practices are being upheld, for instance, calling in Janitorial Cleaning Kingston services, and others like it, are high on the lists of commercial building owners who want people to come back but remain safe in their establishments. Here are some other notes on travel post-COVID:

  • 22% of consumers have booked a vacation within the next three months.
  • Expect a return to leisure travel before business travel, and don’t expect business travel to reach 2019 numbers anytime soon.
  • 45% of respondents said they need to be fully vaccinated before they feel comfortable vacationing.
  • Hygiene and safety standards will continue to be stringent, and digitalization will continue to transform the travel experience. Customer expectations are high!

People traveling after COVID-19 may also take precautions from their end. In fact, those who plan to travel to another country or city with their pets may want to take extra care of their dogs or cats. That is why it may be necessary to seek the advice of a veterinarian from a pet care center such as IndyVet – Philly before they are ready to travel. Also, before making any plans, people may want to get themselves thoroughly checked to see if they have any issues, as well as tested for covid. They may want to follow location-specific guidelines, wear masks, and keep a physical distance in places like restaurants, markets, tourist attractions, and so on.

Moreover, they may also rent a car in Palma ( or in other travel locations) instead of opting for public transport or tour packages. It can reduce the chances of COVID widespread and can benefit businesses to keep running without worrying about a lockdown. Moreover, small businesses such as cafes, local stores, diner, and others can also ensure they are following COVID protocols and ensuring their’s and their customers’ safety.

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Trader Scorecard: Your Questions Answered

Bidtellect introduced the beta stage of its first-ever online training certification program. But questions remain. What will I learn? Is there a cost? Why do I need this course? How do I start? We answer your frequently asked questions here.

adweek brand safety event logo image

Adweek Brand Safety Event

Worried about Brand Safety? Who isn’t.

Bidtellect is excited to announce our featured role in Adweek’s upcoming Elevate: Brand Safety Event. Join Bidtellect CEO Lon Otremba in conversation with Adweek Chief Brand Officer Danny Wright for 5 Ways Technology Can Create a Brand Safe Environment for Advertisers.

Register here.

Around the Industry:

  • For QSRs, apps, touch-less delivery, and loyalty programs were their saving grace over COVID (29% said they increased their usage over 2020, according to Gardner). Now, consumers are loving those loyalty programs and extra perks; QSRs are going to keep pushing them post-pandemic.
  • PubMatic posted revenues of $43.6 million for the opening quarter of 2021 as video and CTV spend bolstered revenues.
  • TTD teased Double Encryption for Publishers, an extra security layer for its Unified ID.
  • Meanwhile, Criteo is currently testing Unified ID 2.0’s single sign-on solution with hundreds of consumers.


  • What’s after cookies? Here are 3 possibilities for the future, predicted by VP of Product Arthur Hainline after Google’s most recent announcement.
  • Master Bidtellect’s unique platform trading capabilities, gain insider industry knowledge, and earn certifications to share with your network on LinkedIn. Get certified here.
  • More of a visual learner? Watch our Behind the Platform series for insider tips to maximize performance on our platform.

Case Study of the Week: How A Government-Led Agency Turned Content and Context into a Main Performance Tactic Thanks to Bidtellect

A San Francisco-based agency focused primarily on midmarket and government accounts originally tapped Bidtellect three years ago to develop a strategy for an anti-smoking health organization. Read more here.

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This Week’s Newsletter: Happy Mother’s Day! Bill & Melinda’s Divorce, High Consumer Spend Projected, & More. This Week in Digital Advertising: May 7th, 2021

This Week’s Newsletter: Happy Mother’s Day! Bill & Melinda’s Divorce, High Consumer Spend Projected, & More. This Week in Digital Advertising: May 7th, 2021

Hello Bidtellectuals!

Congratulations to Bidtellectual of the Week Missy Steiner!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers and caregivers! Wishing you an extra restful weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re stuck with some last minute campaign planning and missed our post last week, this is your saving grace! Better yet, we have a swanky onesheet now. Be sure to download it here. Expect record-breaking spend, a modest return to in-person experiences, and creative gift-giving to show extra appreciation for a trying year.

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Around the Industry:

  • Recovery and consumer spend is looking bright: personal income surged 21.1% back on a month-to-month basis in March, according to eMarketer – the biggest monthly increase on record dating back to 1959. The metric is a strong indicator for consumer spending ability. Cha-ching.
  • PE firm Apollo Global Management announced its intention to acquire Verizon Media for $5 billion. The new company will be called Yahoo (I know) and Verizon will maintain a minority 10% stake in it. The price tag covers all the various parts of Verizon Media: a DSP, SSP, native ad marketplace, AOL, TechCrunch, Yahoo, Flurry, Engadget and other media and technology sundries.
  • Doritos Mexico debuted a heartwarming Mother’s Day ad featuring two moms in an aim to reach and represent LGBTQ+ families.
  • Why hasn’t programmatic fully caught on with CTV? Well, a lot of reasons. From identity challenges to supply shortages, Adexchanger does a great deep dive here.
  • Oh hellooooo, Bitcoin gains. Square reported 266% YoY revenue growth and crushed earnings expectations. Looks like it is a good time for all of those Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors who’ve tried their hand at earning some extra money. They’ll probably be looking at how to buy polygon crypto next.
    Everyone is freaking out over Bill and Melinda Gates divorce announcement after 27 years of marriage. What’s that cost breakdown look like? Among the gossip is “problems for years” and Bill’s annual weekend away with his ex-gf.



  • Bidtellect introduced the beta stage of its FIRST-EVER online training certification program. Master Bidtellect’s unique platform trading capabilities, gain insider industry knowledge, and earn certifications to share with your network on LinkedIn. Get certified here.
  • Sick of WFH? Here are 5 Ways to Make WFH More Productive by Director of Account Management Lysa Vincent. Because WFH can be productive and stress-free – no matter how many little ones are in Zoom school (and P.S. give yourself some grace).
  • Wondering what a world without cookies is going to look like? Here’s what contextual means for the industry, according to Bidtellect CTO Mike Conway.

Case Study of the Week: A Creative Solution Wins Over A Legal Conundrum and Boosts Engagement

A leading U.S. wireless provider sought to gain subscribers by tracking new users that engaged with their landing page after seeing their Native Ads. Read more here.

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What to Expect for Mother’s Day 2021 & How to Adjust Campaign Messaging

What to Expect for Mother’s Day 2021 & How to Adjust Campaign Messaging

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Here are the spend predictions, trends from last year, and key takeaways to best adjust your messaging strategy and campaign tactics just in time. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 2020: Record Numbers

Mother’s Day is almost here (!) and optimism is high. On the whole, cases are dropping, the weather is turning, and vaccines and stimulus checks are being distributed. Mother’s Day spending is expected to total a record $28.1 billion this year, up $1.4 billion from 2020 (National Retail Federation). And consumers plan to spend an average of $220.48 on Mother’s Day items – $16 more than last year and the highest in NRF’s survey’s history.

Great news: 82% say that as a result of the pandemic, celebrating Mother’s Day this year is important to them (NRF).

Plan for Some In-Person Celebrating, As Long As Mom Lives Close By

Last year, families wanted to make up for the fact that they couldn’t be in-person with their mom. This year, with more families getting vaccinated, there may be more in-person celebrations this year than last year. Nearly half (49 percent) say they are planning a special Mother’s Day outing such as a brunch or other activity (NRF). (While this is up slightly from last year, it is still below pre-pandemic levels.)

But it will depend on how much travel is involved. According to a poll from Adweek and Morning Consult, almost half (45%) of respondents said they need to be fully vaccinated before they feel comfortable vacationing. Even at the height of the pandemic, 46 percent still wanted to celebrate mom with a special meal, day out or other activity (NRF, 2020), and restaurants and food delivery services stepped up with certificates or creative at-home options for purchase. In such cases, you may have to check out which restaurants in your locality are open for dine-in option. You can find that information by searching for restaurants Roanoke or restaurants nearby offering dine-in services, on the internet.

Plan to See An Increase in Spend to Show Extra Appreciation

Moms shouldered heavier caregiving responsibilities while at-home schooling became the norm this past year, so spouses and children will want to show extra appreciation. And while the pandemic forced many to be separated from family, expect more gifts to grandmothers, stepparents, and friends to show appreciation.

For those staying with family, there could be an increase in expenditure not just for physical gift giving, but also to show appreciation in other ways. Gifts for spouses or hard-working mothers in the form of experiences, such as a day at the spa, or booking a professional from companies like Modern Maids Cleaning Service to take care of household jobs so as to make for a day off, or arranging travel plans (if possible), could be seen to increase during this time.

Last year, consumers under the age of 25 and those aged 35-44 (who likely have a spouse) planned to spend significantly more than other age groups, according to NRF. This year, the 25-34 age group is increasing their spend, and these shoppers are also the most likely to be planning gifts of higher dollar items like jewelry or electronics, according to NRF.

Physical gift-giving increased last year due to the pandemic’s social distancing restraints. Flowers and jewelry are classic choices. Moreover, it seems to be easy to plan for buying accessories and to get angel necklace here. Not only are flowers and jewelry getting into the list. Looking for newer ways to impress mothers are also being looked upon. On that note, electronics seem to have emerged as a popular gift choice to better connect with mothers virtually or make day-to-day living easier at home. Expect that trend to continue. This year, flowers are the most popular planned gift behind greeting cards. In fact, 1800-Flowers reported to eMarketer an increase in sending flowers “just because” over the pandemic as a way to connect with family and friends from afar.

Where the Money Is:

Age 25-34: These shoppers plan to spend $367.08 on average or $99 more than last year (NRF).

Top 6 Gifts Shoppers Plan to Give This Year (NRF)

  1. Greeting Cards
  2. Flowers
  3. Special Outing
  4. Gift Cards
  5. Clothing/Accessories
  6. Jewelry

Last Year’s Highest Spend (eMarketer)

  1. Jewelry: $5.27 Billion
  2. Special Outings: $4.07 Billion
  3. Consumer Electronics: $2.93 Billion
  4. Gift Cards: $2.87 Billion
  5. Flowers: $2.56 Billion

Men vs. Women:

  • 57% of men plan to buy a Mother’s Day gift for their mother or stepmother.
  • 46% of men plan to buy a Mother’s Day gift for their wife (compared to only 3% of women).
  • 62% of women plan to buy a Mother’s Day gift for their mother or stepmother.

Bidtellect’s Platform Data: Trends on Mother’s Day

In analyzing our platform data from May 1 through May 10, 2020 (mother’s day), Dynamic Goal Setting or multiple goal types consistently shows the highest ROI for advertisers.

  • Responsive Native CTR: 0.91%
  • Responsive Native Engagement Score: 7.5
  • Multiple Goal Types had highest spend, proving dynamic goal setting leads to greatest success and return on investment for advertisers.

The Takeaways

  1. Offer gift ideas for Moms, Wives, Stepmoms, and Grandmothers. If catering messaging to men, be sure to inspire them with custom gift ideas for their mothers and wives.
  2. Emphasize messaging to 25-35 year olds: they plan to spend the most and are the most comfortable wit shopping online.
  3. Social outings are in the plans: offer ideas for safe gatherings, and products and services to make that easier (picnics, groceries, outdoor gear).
  4. Expect some travel, especially within driving distance, to see mom.
  5. Utilize the Recommendation Widget Ad Type for highest click-throughs.
  6. Dynamic goal setting consistently shows highest performance.

The Gen Z Ad Stats You Need Now

Don’t write off Gen Z just yet. This savvy generation is more discerning than any before them. Get ready to copy + paste our compiled stats.

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Canada Advertising Trends

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3 Key Takeways from Bidtellect’s Arthur Hainline & Jounce Media Founder Chris Kane at Adweek

Watch the presentation on the industry’s waste problem: from supply path transparency to carbon waste, sustainability, and how you can make change now.

Bidtellect’s "Big Ten"

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Understanding Native Optimization

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This Week’s Newsletter: Driving Efficiency With Bidswitch & A Spooky Onesheet

This Week in Digital Advertising: October 14th, 2021

You Have Content…Now What?

Taking your content strategy to the next level means aligning your creation & distribution strategies.

WFH With Kids, IAB Guidelines, & Groceries. This Week’s Newsletter: March 12th, 2021

This Week in Digital Advertising: March 12th, 2021

Bidtellect Charlotte Otremba employee photo

Charlotte Otremba is the Director of Communications & Marketing at Bidtellect

What’s Your Mother’s Day Content Strategy? 5 Takeaways from Our Infographic

What’s Your Mother’s Day Content Strategy? 5 Takeaways from Our Infographic

What DOES Mama want?! If your Mother’s Day campaigns aren’t quite ready, fear not. We pulled together stats you need and rounded up our Top 5 Takeaways below. Download our Infographic even MORE info.

1. Kids Are Ready to Spend

Mother’s Day Spend in 2018 was an estimated $23.1 billion, according to NRF. That’s a lot of Mother’s Day gifts! 86% of Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day and each spend $180 (NRF). Ready for more good news? 31% of consumers plan to shop online (GeoMarketing)! So give them those ideas! But don’t forget offers to entice them. 75% of consumers expect free shipping even on orders under $50 (NRF report). Gift-giving holidays are the time to offer bonuses to your consumers, like free shipping or discounts. They’re ready to spend, so don’t send them elsewhere.

2. Flowers and Jewelry Are Still the Most Popular Gifts

It’s tough to beat the classic. But clothing (like coats and jackets from Gym King, and similar others), accessories, and gift cards are also top contenders! However, nowadays, there seem to be many more additions to the list. For instance, many people seem to be gifting customized blankets, and cushions to their mothers. Some others seem to invest in something more luxurious to make their mothers feel more loved, like hot tubs for sale, which can be installed easily in the backyard and can be enjoyed to relieve muscle tension. Yet others are seen buying their moms vintage jewelry. (There are a few who are rumored to gift classic paintings as well.) For many families, this is going to be their first Mother’s Day as new parents, therefore things like new mom gift ideas are always going to be appreciated by partners and family members alike struggling to decide what to buy. That said, now is the chance for blog posts, articles, and any sort of valuable content and advice on gift ideas. Use Native Ads to get them placed on the right sites and in front of relevant readers.

3. Millennial Moms Love Subscriptions

It’s true! 40% of millennial parents already use a product subscription service and ⅓ are very interested in trying one (NRF)! Consider offering a sign up or a subscription to your product – or an article on top subscription services!

4. Content Matters

Consumers are much more likely to buy from a brand they trust or have built a relationship with – especially when it comes to gifts for someone they care about! For instance, residents who often shop from Knox Hospital Flowers Delivery are likely to purchase from the same place for any event. They have built that trust owing to the location and ease of access factor. When advertising, Content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy (Twitter via Nudge); content can help double website conversion rates from 6% to 12% (Shopify) and marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to generate a positive ROI (Shopify).

5. Top KPIs for Retail Advertisers

According to our 2H 2018 Native Report: 1. Drive Sales, 2. Drive Traffic to Blog Content, and 3. Offer-Driven Creative. If you’re working with a platform like Bidtellect, we can optimize towards these goals for you, ensuring that your Mother’s Day campaigns are bringing consumers to high-quality content and – most importantly – helping your bottom line. That’s a Mother’s Day gift we can all get behind!

It’s time to get gifting! Download our Mother’s Day Infographic for a flawless Mother’s Day content distribution strategy:

Download Infographic