4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Summer Content Marketing Strategy

4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Summer Content Marketing Strategy

In honor of the 4th of July (Happy Birthday, America!), we have four easy ways to ignite your content marketing strategy this summer. Shouldn’t we all make our content work harder so we can enjoy this nice weather? Summer Fridays, anyone?

1. You Have Content – Yes, You Do!

Check your website, your company bios, your snazzy marketing materials, your recent blog posts and articles. Got them? Great! You have content. Now just plug them into your Native programmatic platform of choice (we can help you choose one ;)) and bring future clients to you. Another tip? For copy and image suggestions to really make that content shine, go to experts. Our award-winning [b]+studio can turn your content assets into eye-catching image and copy for maximum engagement – presto! Of course, when it comes to engagement, there is no harm in getting a little extra help when it comes to this, especially if you are new to a particular platform or going in a slightly different direction with your new campaign (maybe you’re targeting a different group than you normally do). In these situations, there’s no harm in seeking out a great place to buy cheap views on Instagram videos, or whichever platform you are looking to use, in order to give yourself a boost that will help your natural, organic audience find you in the long run.

2. Optimize that Creative, Baby

If you’re not optimizing in real-time, are you even optimizing? But seriously, utilize Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to optimize towards best-performing images and copy in real time, based on factors like location and season. You can also take the help of a specialized marketing team that can help you target geo-specific customers to improve the ROI from the promotional strategies. For instance, if you are marketing for restaurants or other similar businesses, you might need to target people from that particular location, for which, hiring a marketer could be a better option. Moreover, a professional can aid you to make the most out of your content placements (rainboots while it’s raining, anyone?).

3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (Make this the Summer of Content Love)

Our VP of National Sales, Terah Bocchi recently penned a piece on the importance of keeping communication between the content creation teams and the content distribution teams open. If your two teams are siloed, why not make Summer the time of love and friendship? After all, you need each other – content distribution can’t distribute nothing, while content without eyes is arguably not content at all! Work together to determine your content needs, distribution goals, and get that engagement poppin.’

4. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Our CEO, Lon Otremba, recently penned a piece in Forbes about the importance of creating content specifically for mobile. If you caught Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report this year, you probably noticed that the mobile advertising spending gap closed since last year, but mobile usage is still growing! The average user is spending 226 minutes on mobile (more than TV!). So make sure your videos, creative, and optimization capabilities are all formatted for mobile. A good platform will make sure of that for you.

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