Spring and Summer Travel Trends & How To Reach Consumers

Spring and Summer Travel Trends & How To Reach Consumers

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. It is time to get ahead on your summer travel campaigns and advertisements. Here are the latest trends and tips to make your programmatic campaigns take off!

People Are Excited About Spring & Summer Travel

With warmer weather and summer vacation ahead, travel plans are almost inevitable. We are seeing an upward trend in excitement to travel in the coming months. Last year was all about covid-restrictions and sanitary measures, this year is all about luxury and epic travel destinations.

People are excited about traveling this spring and summer:

  • 81.0% of American travelers report strong excitement for their travel this year and 86.2% are in a ready-to-travel state-of-mind (Destination Analysts, 2022)
  • A record high 57.9% feel we are closer to normal in the U.S (Destination Analysts, 2022)
  • Americans saying they are avoiding international travel is down to a record low 52.0% (Destination Analysts, 2022)
  • This year the likelihood of spring travel is even higher for hybrid workers (86%) and millennials (75%) (Vacasa, February 2022)
  • Family and friend events were the activities most likely to encourage a trip in 2022 (45% and 32%, respectively) (Vacasa, February 2022).

On the other hand, rising gas prices are a concern for travel plans:

  • About six in ten travelers indicate rising gas prices will impact their travel plans during the next six months (Longwoods International)
  • One study found that 58% of respondents said they would adjust their itineraries if gas prices continued an upward trajectory (Travel Pulse, 2022)

Booking (And Advertising) Travel Online Is More Popular Than Ever

As travel tends to pick up around this time of the year, gross bookings increase simultaneously. Travelers are looking to book online more frequently than ever before, as well as looking for luxury travel experiences. This could even mean that families and business travelers look for private jet hire and luxury accommodation bookings online to find the best deals that they can get their hands on. What does this mean for advertisers? Adjust messaging and photos to appeal to those looking for luxury and leisure through nice hotel rooms, lounges, etc. Also, use context-driven targeting to reach consumers on luxury travel blogs and websites. Luxury travel is in, and so is online booking. Get a head start on summer travel trends with your ads.

  • 51% of US luxury buyers purchased travel online, compared to 14% who purchased travel in-store (eMarketer, 2022)
  • By 2022, it’s estimated that total gross bookings will hit $441 billion (Phocuswright, 2019)

Bucket List Trips, Epic Destinations, & Group Travel Is The Move

It is safe to say that after a couple of summers of being cooped up in a home due to the pandemic, it gave people the chance to adjust to the new normal. They tried a bunch of things to pass their time. While many took to making appearances on TikTok, others played games that pay real money to pass the time. Yet there were others who may have considered learning new skills and therefore took up online classes on website development, graphic design, acting, and cooking; the list is long. However, now people are again ready to begin on their adventurous journey. A recent study by Longwoods International found that only 2 in 10 travelers say that COVID-19 will greatly impact their decision to travel in the next six months. Not only to travel, but to begin crossing off Bucket List travel destinations. Last summer, we saw an increase in travel by cars due to the worry of flying during the pandemic. This summer, it is expected that epic travel destinations by plane will be in the forefront. People are itching to plan their next epic destination vacation with family and friends.

  • In a survey of 12,000 travelers in 12 countries, 68% of respondents are planning to “go big” on their next trip (Expedia, 2021)
  • One travel company reported a jump in searches to “epic destinations” (Amadeus, 2021)
  • There’s been a reported 600% rise in bookings for groups of over 20 people, while searches for popular destinations for groups of friends have doubled (Amadeus, 2021)
  • Vacation home bookings were up between 30 and 60 percent in small cities and resort destinations compared to 2019 (NY Times, 2022)

However, many people are still afraid to travel because of covid. To avoid traveling, they prefer to spend their summers at home, playing games, learning new skills, and so on. Many even hire professionals to build residential pools and spas at their homes so that their children can enjoy summer to the fullest while taking all necessary safety precautions.

Video Ads Build Trust & Recognition

Using video in your advertisements can help build trust and recognition from the consumer. Online videos have the ability to bring a destination to life and they allow for the consumers to see the experience they are looking for. Most vacation resorts and hotels who are offering the option of timeshare tend to use this method to attract potential clients while giving the brief about the whole deal. However, one needs to clearly read the contract and understand all the conditions put forth before getting into the deal. It is understandable that the deal can offer many opportunities, but one could also end up paying hefty amount in the long run and may have to reach out to timeshare exit companies for solutions. Coming back to using online videos, capture the attention of your audience by utilizing an expert in programmatic video delivery who can target, optimize and reach your captive audience like Bidtellect.

  • 80% of millennials use online videos when researching a purchasing decision (Animoto via Digital Brew, 2020)
  • 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video (Optinmonster via Invideo, 2022)

Not All Video Ads Are Created Equal

Bidtellect delivers access to in content video placements at unparalleled scale. We leverage our proprietary real-time optimization algorithms, multiple formats including Instream and Outstream-Native, and pricing options – offering brands a solution to reach your target audience within premium content they are consuming.

Download our Video Solutions Onesheet to learn more:

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Reach Your Target Travel Consumer: A Holistic, Privacy-First Approach With Bidtellect

Bidtellect Benchmarks – Travel

  • .25% CTR – Responsive Rate
  • 79% VCR
  • 60 Secs Avg Time on Site

Contextual Targeting + Optimization + Audience Creation

Reach your audience in contextually-relevant environments. We combine our context-driven solutions with audience creation to reach the most interested and relevant consumers in your category. Prepare for the cookieless-future while reaching performance goals in your vertical.

Access to Travel Consumers:

  • Seaside Resorts
  • Adventure Travel
  • Budget Travel
  • Last Minute
  • Business Travel
  • Honeymoons
  • Holidays
  • Traveling with Kids
  • & MORE

3P Travel Audiences:

Utilize Bidtellect’s 3P data partners to reach users who show patterns similar to your campaign’s target audiences.

Example Segments:

  • In Market – By Destination, Hotel Searchers, By Airport
  • Traveler Types – Family, Business, Leisure, Budget, Roadtrippers
  • Booking Windows
  • Competitive Brand Conquesting

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