This Week in Digital Advertising: May 29th

This Week in Digital Advertising: May 29th

An update on the state of the digital advertising industry.

First up

Congratulations to Star Bidtellectual Courtney Bonkowski, who handles her roles in the finance department AND human resource responsibilities with grace and leadership. Literally, what would we do without her? Did we mention she’s ALSO a new mom? Talk about #goals.

ALSO ICYMI, Bidtellectuals shared some awesome book recommendations last week. #QuarantineReads for the win.

Coronavirus impact on higher education

Coronavirus may have sent students home (to their laptops) early, but on the other side of this crisis is a chance for a reimagining of “traditional” education, including more technology and flexible learning options. The stats show that students are willing to move online and cost will be a major factor in returning to school. Advertisers should bring hope for the future, offer cost-saving options, and be a source of trusted information to guide students in these uncertain times. Over-communicate! Read our in-depth analysis here.

Even though digital advertising is an easy shutoff during a crisis, Adexchanger reported that digital advertising and eCommerce is primed to take a larger share of overall advertising in the long term. Wall Street is betting that in-store marketing and linear or pay-TV ad budgets will shift online.

“There’s this clear incremental push toward online channels,” said Pivotal Research analyst Michael Levine, “Consumer behavior patterns have changed, and it means the proposal for online advertising is much stronger.”

It could also be because consumers are having a much stronger emotional connection with brands during the Covid crisis, according to Mediapost, thanks to shifts in brand messaging. Don’t forget, Edelman reported that even at the end of March, 29% of Americans had already begun using a brand due to the innovative or compassionate way they’ve responded to the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch our video on how to adjust messaging to changes in higher education due to coronavirus.

The Social Media Trials: Twitter vs. Trump vs. Facebook

Whew. Have you followed this? After Twitter censored his tweet, President DonaldTrump signed an executive order on Thursday that, if enacted, would challenge social media companies or other aggregation platforms that moderate or remove political content. The administration contends that major online platforms can’t “hand-pick” which comments or viewpoints are allowed. On Thursday, Facebook CEO MarkZuckerberg drew a line between Facebook and Twitter, saying a platform company shouldn’t be the “arbiter of truth” in US news and politics. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Twitter will continue to label incorrect and deceptive information about elections. Readmore on Adexchanger.

The news this weekend

If the latest acts of injustice and subsequent protests in Minnesota are making your heart heavy – you’re not alone. We suggest reading this straightforward timeline of events by NPR to get caught up and recommend checking out the Minnesota Freedom Fund for the work they are doing.

For some good news to make you smile, Tank’s Good News always features acts of kindness and stories worth sharing. One we’re smiling about? J.K. Rowling is writing a new book: the first two chapters are already online to read FOR FREE and she is inviting children around the world to illustrate it.

Stay safe, stay happy, and stay healthy.


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Charlotte Otremba is Sr. Manager of Communications and Marketing at Bidtellect.

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